Caught in the Act  

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8/15/2005 10:07 pm

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Caught in the Act

I know i am not the only one that has been caught in the act of sex either by a friend or back in the days of high school ya parents. Or something of that sort. But i just got a new one posted on me and it was my boss to some degree or another. Well anyway i am on a couple of websites which I have my picture posted and they are not like AdultFriendFinder. I mean simple websites like yahoo and stuff like that. Anyway i was messenger and this chick pm'ed me and told me she liked and picture and could we talk. I was like no problem. So we talked for a couple of weeks and then she asked would i like to meet up her sometime for a drink or something and I was like yeah no problem. She told me how her and her husband both were swingers and they swung together and seperatly and i was like cool. Well i messed up cause i forgot to ask was her husband military but on with the story. We meet had a few drinks and then she took me back to her place. Her husband was out on one of his swinging adventures so she had the house. Well we go up and into the room and started with the normal foreplay and things gotted heated and next thing you know we are just going at it hardcore. Well her legs are up on my shoulders when the bedroom door opens. I look back and notice the guys face but cant remember from where he just says dont mind him and go back to doin what i was doing. And it hit me he was one of my higher ups. So now i am scared and cocky all the same time cause o shyt my boss just walked in on me fucking his wife and then the cocky side saying yeah im fucking the boss' wife. Well I finish what i am doing let off my load. We talked for a minute and said things would be keep super low like Top Secert shyt the president himself didnt need to know. Cause both our careers depended on it. Then he joined in and we had a threesome with his wife and things are good. Just weird how things work out. But hey all is well for me.

AtomicKisss 58M

8/16/2005 12:52 am

Yeah, but what I want to know is whether or not you saluted him afterwards... Great story!

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