Naughty Little Thing Part 2  

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4/11/2006 8:22 am

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Naughty Little Thing Part 2

........I grab his ass, moisten a finger, slide it in gently. I feel his body tense with the pressure. I smile as my lips caress his shaft. My thumb massages the area just under the balls, rubbing, grinding. mmmmmmmm. I am grinding my hips into the ground as I suck his cock. Driving myself to the brink. I am so ready to be taken hard. One final suck and he pulls me from the floor to my feet by my hair. He kisses me hard, twirls me around and bends me over the table. Lifting one leg to my shoulder he thrusts a finger deep inside of my pussy as he slides his massive cock between my inner thighs. My sexual need is so hightened I cum within seconds of his finger penetrating. I cum so hard. OOOOHHHH!!!!! He can wait no longer. He puts the head of his cock against my pussy lips and moistens the head. Grinding softly. He grabs my hips and thrusts. Fast and deep. Oh yes!!!!! I ram my hips into him. Harder, harder I scream. He pumps his hips into my flesh. My juices covering his shaft. I can feel him in so deep. So good. Faster and faster he fucks my sweet pussy. He pulls out, wants to watch my face as I cum again. Rolls me over, my legs on his biceps, holding my hips he enters. OOOHHH YYYEEESSSS!!!!! So hard, he rams that cock deep inside. Fuck Me Hard Baby! I am screaming. Moaning, grinding. He squeezes my nipples as he fucks me so hard and deep. I cum again and again on his hard shaft. I can feel him throb inside of me as he swells with passion. He is groaning now, so close. A few more hard thrusts and OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!! Sweet release. I cum on his cock as he's pumping hot cum inside of my pussy. Filling me with his cream. Sweaty and worn, we collapse to the floor together. Sweet ecstasy. The feeling of satisfaction is overwhelming and we sleep. Dreaming of the next go around. MMMMMM

rm_anothercynic 46M

4/21/2006 4:27 pm

wow......are you sure you want to leave...part one and two......WOW!!!! That HAS to be the most satisfying reading I have EVER read.

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