Couples vs Single Women  

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9/5/2005 12:28 am

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Couples vs Single Women

During the month or so that I have been a member I have emailed and met both single women and couples. Some observations are below:

--I receive more initial contacts from couples than from single women, even though there are far more single women looking for men than couples looking for men. One key reason for the difference is the 13 to 1 single male/single female ratio. Single women do not need to make initial contacts. Another is that far fewer single guys say they are looking for couples than women in their cupid matches.

--The couples I have met as a whole are more sex oriented than single women. This makes sense as the connection is more clearly sexual. There is not a possibility for more.

--Couples seem less likely to cancel or flake, perhaps because it is easier for one too cancel/flake than too. Get togethers are more planned, one time weeks in advance. If I get a late night booty call email, it is almost certainly a single woman.

--If I get an email about wanting me fulfill a unique, one-time fantasy, it is almost certainly a couple. The flipside is couples are less likely to want a continued relationship with many meetings.

--As a whole, the female half of couples seem more attractive than single women. There are of course plenty of exceptions. Reasons for this difference relate to reasons for being on the site.

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