the dance  

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7/8/2006 9:36 pm
the dance

the dance
by Kree
the stunning ballerina tiptoed to center stage,
aware of the sounds of the crowd behind the lights.
the haunting strains of the music hushed the crowd,
signaling her mind that her moment had come.
having practiced for this moment all of her life,
she sprang into the opening movements of her dance.
every muscle in her body responded to the sounds,
the conditioned response, allowing her mind to wander.
midway through the dance, overcome by her mind's questions,
she wondered when the passion of her dance had disappeared.
suddenly the futility caused by the conditioned response,
was pierced by the need to regain her freedom of passion.
stopping, her toes sliding down, her feet flat on the ground,
she heard the murmur of the audience, the confusion of the orchestra.
walking forward, facing the crowd, she sat facing the lights,
reaching to them....whispering, as they leaned forward to hear her words.
" you have come to see me dance for you,
and dance for you I shall,
but the dance that I will share with you,
is a part that I will choose.
my dance will be filled with my inner passion,
fulfilling my expectations alone.
and if this dance isn't pleasing to you,
then you must find a dance of your own."
smiling softly, she proudly stood and turned away,
the tension from the audience built with each step.
confidently she walked back to center stage,
bowed deeply, took a deep breath, and gathered her thoughts.
gone were the automatic movements, erased from her mind,
gone were the conditioned responses, drilled into her memory.
gone were the walls forced on her by the expectations of others,
gone was the need to compete and fit someone else's mold.
a single bright spotlight, manned by one who understood,
illuminated the rebirth of her golden aura, following every move.
she danced her dance, driven by her heart and soul,
the silent hidden symphony inside guiding her moves,
capturing the audience in the glow of her transformation.
for now, finally, at last, she was free, she was whole.

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