The Voice  

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8/2/2006 12:02 am
The Voice

The Voice

Author: Bo © 7/2000

Used With Author's Permission

She lays upon her bed,
her room so quiet, almost ethereal.
A candle burns, incasing her in its soft glow.
Casting shadows,
upon breasts, hips, thighs, and serene face.
Her right hand slowly moves.
As she listens.

A soft deep hypnotic voice commands her.
And she obeys.
Obeys without thought.
For his voice is her masters,
her lover, her hearts own beat.
And he enslaves her,
just as he, is enslaved,
by her love, her submission.

He speaks into her mind,
and she can feel him with her.
His calm presence,
his warm breath,
his light touch.
So surreal,
yet......... so real.
And she reaches out for him.

He quiets her with gentle voice.
And she obeys.
She always obeys.

He binds her in braided leather,
in silk,
and in steel.
He covers her eyes in lace.
He whispers in her ear his love, his intent.
And she sighs.

He touches her mind,
with whip,
with hot breath and teeth upon hardening nipple.
Her hand touches that place,
believing it him.

He binds her tighter.
And she responds, arching, stretching,
towards him.
She believes so.

His voice commands,
and she obeys.
The soft leather crop,
lays across her breasts,
and she moans from its slight sting.
In her mind.
In her mind.
On belly, and thighs,
each strike so real...................
She can hear the singing whip.
The light crack upon her skin.
She groans, she gasps.
She feels his heat.

And...As he speaks, she falls even more.
Deep,................ so deep.
He is with her,
and she smiles in joy,
as he kisses, bites, caresses all of her.
And her hand moves to touch each place,
without volition.

She is with him,
as he is with her.
And after..............................
When he cuddles her, holds her,
in strong arms,
their breath slowing, breathing as one.
She falls into a deep, peaceful slumber,
Her ear ..........Still resting on the phone.

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