The Original Chudwa Text  

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7/26/2006 2:33 pm

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The Original Chudwa Text

The Original Chudwa Text or To All Wannabe Het Male Doms

(In my best old, dry, Professor's voice.)

The subspecies Homo sapiens chudwahensis has been known since the dawn of BDSM as we know it. It was named by yours truly in early 1994. Chudwah is the pronounced version of CHDW, an acronym for Clueless Het Dom Wannabe. Any resemblance to a particularly bad movie called C.H.U.D. (Cannabalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) is completely unintentional. You can even ask the video rental clerks who rented me the movie several times when I was fourteen.

It seems that quite a few of the straights out there are wannabe doms. Quite a few of you contact any submissive female you find madly, and don't get anywhere. Well, I'm going to explain why this behavior doesn't get anywhere. Get mad if you will--but does the pestering technique work? No.

To begin with, Sir Stephen doesn't live here anymore. So you read the Story of O, and longed to be Sir Stephen. So you found the grotty magazines from HOM and enjoyed them a lot. Guess what? Forget everything those magazines and that book ever taught you about the dynamics of an S/M relationship. If you don't, you can forget about ever bringing any of your fantasies to reality.

You see, O is not your typical submissive. Nor is Sir Stephen your typical Master. Some submissives submit to *one* person, not to any clod who calls himself a dominant. Some submit to more than one, but I can assure you that a Master *must*prove himself to a submissive before she will become his slave. Yes, it's awfully fun to fantasize a world in which a Master will lend out his slave to you, but it ain't gonna happen. Masters spend quite a bit of time developing trust in their slaves; they most assuredly will not lend them out and abuse that trust to the first person who asks. If you worked for years to buy a Ferrari, or a large house, would you lend the car or the house out to someone you didn't know, simply because they asked? Yet someone asked my slave if I would give him permission to use my slave. Guess what the answer was? Too many wannabe doms seem to think that merely because they call themselves 'doms', they are entitled to some sort of respect from a female submissive. This doesn't happen to be the case. You see,submissives are *people*, first and foremost. Someone else told my slave she was snotty because she did not want to view a .gif of him. Never did he consider that maybe she didn't have time, maybe she had other things she wanted to do--no, he was a Dom, by God, and she was a submissive, and she didn't show him respect, so she was a snot, by gum. Do you know what slaves and their Masters think of people like this? They*laugh* at them. "Clueless", "dweeb", and "asshole" are the words which spring to mind when these people's names are mentioned. And ya see, you just can't use a slave for your own pleasure. Not without their consent, anyway--it doesn't work that way. If you want to be a dom, fine. Just look in your mirror, stare at your own face, and say, "What is it about me that someone should let me own them, beat them, and place their very *LIFE* in my hands?" If a person is so immature that they are going to childishly insult someone else for not being 'respectful' enough to them, why in hell any sane Master would have anything to do with them, or why any sane slave would consent to let that person do anything to them, is beyond me. Following in this thread, if you pull up someone's bio and see that they are female, submissive, and attached, respect that. Again, if you can't respect a person's choice of monogamy, why should they even consider you? Being a Master is most certainly not about having all our own selfish pleasures met and giving nothing in return. If that's what you're after, you're going to be sticking to the Story of O, HOM magazines, movies, and a jar of hand cream and your hand for your fantasies. BDSM relationships take work too--if you think a BDSM relationship is the easy way out, you're wrong. Dead wrong.

Now, you see, there are loads and loads and loads of wannabe het male Doms out there. Even if you happen to find an unattached female submissive over the computer, be assured you are going to be one of hundreds of applicants. She's going to be getting unrequested contact all the time. So you've got to *prove* yourself first to get her to want to talk to you. Asking if she enjoys being a slave, or whatever, is likely to get your name shoved real quickly in the 'clueless' file. Asking her to describe what she likes being done to her is an even quicker route., If it's jerk-off material you want, go buy a magazine. Or look in It's extremely insulting to a person to be asked to do this by a total stranger. And if you think that gambit isn't going to be noticed, you're wrong. Submissives ain't stupid. In fact, most are going to be able to see what you want real quick. And horrors, she may not want totalk to you. If you don't get a response, don't continue madly until you get one--you may have gotten a response, but I guarantee that you'll have added the tag 'clueless geek' to your name in her mind. And that'sreally hard to remove. If you're asked to stop, stop. You see, there *is* such a thing as harassment. It's as easy for her to write your sysadmin as it is for you to write her. Claiming that 'it was all ficticious and she made it all up' probably won't work, since people don't randomly complain about other random people. If copies of your masterly demands are attached, you're sunk. Depending on the sysadmin, you might lose net access. Or email access. Or something you probably won't like. Nor will the 'She was rude to me, and I'm a Dom, I deserve respect' bit, either in the vanilla or organized BDSM communities. Is it fair? Not always. But Life isn't fair, and no one ever promised you a slave.

BadAssBlonde1 57F
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7/28/2006 4:08 pm

Well done, DragonWycke. I have seen this decline on the net. Actually, in real life this rarely happens, if any at all. The demands that I make in the real world typically goes unspoken. They are what works best for My Leather Family. So you see, it's a many fold thing. Across the board. Many submissives do not realize the power they do have within themselves to weed out these wannabees' I am glad that you pointed that out. You speak of Male Dominants here but this could be applied just as easy to Female Dominants.

Life is not fair, but I got my slaves and damn proud of them. If anyone were to approach those that serve me in such a manner, it would be a dark day in the world. Thanks for your valuable input. We need to get this message out to more folks. As we discussed, I am going to link this blog to mine if I can figure it out; and you know I will.

For all Time,
Lady Hunter

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DragonWycke 63M
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7/28/2006 5:52 pm

You are entirely correct that this applies also the Domme, and though it mostly deals with internet wanna be's it does have it's applications, in r/l. I t takes a great Dom/me to realize the power and potential that they have over another, and to utilize it with the utmost of care, compassion, and trust, that they weild. It is unfortunate that many do not see that, and treat the Lifestyle as just a game, to be played on their stage. Reminds Me of what we were talking about the other day...old guard Vs. the new.

As always, ty for your input,

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