Submissive Woman  

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7/15/2006 6:50 am
Submissive Woman

Submissive Woman
by eliette

I'm a submissive woman,
but do not get me wrong.
I am not a weakling,
I'm intelligent, proud and strong.

I can take care of myself
my submission is my choice.
I'm a very strong-willed woman
who knows how to use her voice.

Then why, you may ask,
do I choose to give up control?
To allow another the power
over my body, heart and soul?

There's a certain freedom
that I cannot quite explain;
It's trust, loyalty and devotion
It's passion, pleasure and pain.

It's in the wonder of knowing
that I'm always cared for by Another.
I call Him my Master
but He is also Mentor, Friend, and Lover.

He anticipates my wants,
He knows my every need.
And I know that my best interests
are at the heart of His every deed.

My heart swells with pride
as He sits tall and proud in His chair;
His loving girl kneeling at His feet,
His hand resting possessively in her hair.

Everything I do, I do to please Him
His every wish, want and desire
I'm not a materialistic woman,
His smile is the only reward I require.

I kneel before my Master with pride
So please, do not look upon me with pity.
For, if asked, I will tell you
this is exactly where I wish to be.

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