Shadow Man  

DragonWycke 63M
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8/23/2006 6:59 am
Shadow Man

Shadow Man
by joyful

Always chasing him
Through the foggy mist
Darkness ahead forever
Weary from his fist.

Heart happy, no choice
For to give in is to die
Pushed and shoved again
But finding one more try.

Trusting tiny omens
Eyes sparkle with the hope
Until I feel his anger
Tighten about my throat.

Still I chase my love
For he is my only goal
I was meant to love
It's the spirit of my soul.

He sometimes likes to run
Or ponder and simply tease
Always just out of reach
Slipping through the trees.

I have yet to touch his skin
Yet to feel his kiss
Yet I love him everlasting
He is my one true wish.

Then one day I rested..
Panting from my run
I turned around from darkness
And faced a brilliant sun.

And what I saw behind me
Was enough to stop my heart
For he was chasing me
From the very start.

I realized my mistake
I'd chased his shadow of fear
Thinking pain was love
Didn't think, couldn't hear.

For he had been calling
My name with care and lust
But my ears were always filled
With whispers of untrust.

So I faced this man
Watched him tasting tears
For all the hurt and pain I felt
Were also all HIS fears.

We stood there in the forest
Disbelief, Joy and dazed
Actually being loved by him
Left me weak, strong, crazed.

I have yet to touch him
I've yet to feel his skin
Yet to feel his kisses
But soon I will again.

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