O subbie, don't think ill of me  

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7/16/2006 6:55 am
O subbie, don't think ill of me

O subbie, don't think ill of me
by SuthrnLrd

O subbie, don't think ill of me
if I display unbridled glee
while putting you across my lap
your perky bottom cheeks to slap
until you moan and thrash about
and finally give a safeword shout
then I will rub and kiss and soothe
those reddened cheeks, so silky smooth

My angel, please don't wear a frown
if I decide to tie you down
all naked with your charms displayed
your legs secure and widely splayed
and tease your pussy with my tongue
until you moan at top of lung
I'll make your lovely body hum
for quite awhile before you come

O darling, please don't overheat
if I should clamp your nipples sweet
and dangle from each one a bell
and then attach a chain as well
commanding you to dance for me
all sexy and seductively
and as you gyrate, twist and bob
your nipples and my cock will throb

My pet, I trust you won't be snide
if I should take you for a ride
and make you pull your panties down
as we drive slowly through the town
I'll open up your blouse a bit
and order you to rub your clit
then you'll a huge vibrator mount
and come more times than you can count

O sweetie, don't be out of sorts
if I should sometime drop my shorts
and have you get upon your knees
so my stiff cock your mouth can seize
your lips so pouty and so cute
to play upon my fleshy flute
until I shout your name and spew
my tasty come inside of you

My love, don't think I'm without class
if I should take you in the ass
I promise to use lots of lube
from this convenient KY tube
and ready you with fingers first
then stuff you 'til you think you'll burst
I'll rub your clitty with my thumb
and fuck you gently 'til we come

And last, I hope it makes you smile
if we can cuddle for awhile
the kinky games we'll put aside
our passion thusly amplified
we'll kiss and fondle, rub and pat
caress and giggle, sigh and chat
then sleep until tomorrow when
we're bound to do it all again

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