How To Raise a Disobedient Submissive  

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How To Raise a Disobedient Submissive

How To Raise a Disobedient Submissive
By *k

Submissives, by nature, wish to please their Dominants. It's an integral part of being a submissive. Sometimes, though, Dominants seem not to want obedient submissives. If you're having trouble training your sub to disobey, here are some helpful hints:

1. Be Inconsistent

One of the first things you can do to confuse and disorient your submissive is to constantly change their rules. If yesterday they had to ask to sit on the furniture, don't make them ask today. Then, tomorrow when they don't ask, be sure to punish them strictly! Either tell them when their rules are changing or leave them to guess. Just letting them guess as to what their rules are is a sure way to get them to misbehave.

2. Don't Consider Them As Individuals

This is a subtle one. When you're making rules, make rules based around the personality of someone else you know. If your sub is a morning person, insist they stay up til 2am each night. If your sub is a vegetarian, order only meat-based dishes for dinner, and when they refuse to eat their dinner, make them go hungry. Your sub will begin nodding off to sleep, especially if they have to get up early in the morning, and then you've got yourself a disobedient sub.

3. Have Unrealistic Expectations

Insist that your sub keep an immaculate house, than do nothing to assist. Don't even clear your glass that you've taken out after they've been put in bed. Feel free to punish them for this. If your sub has been working late, still insist that they have a 3-course meal on the table when you walk in. This is even better if you get home before your submissive.

4. Completely Ignore The Way The Human Body Works

If you have cum in their mouth and allowed them to swallow, count that as their meals for the day. If their bottom is welting and they call a safeword to tell you that it's gone beyond good pain, ignore them and continue on (it's always good pain, right?). Only allow them to sleep 4 hours a night. Insist on a nude slave all the time, ignoring the temperature of the day and their body's natural temperature.

5. Disrespect Safewords

Either completely ignore safewords, or refuse to establish them in the first place. After all, if they really trusted you, they would not need safewords. Refuse to listen. If they try to tell you that the ropes are too tight or that you're whipping their kidneys, take that as them just being difficult. Make them fight to get out of a scene.

6. Refuse To Listen To Them

Remember, subs are there to be led and directed. They can't think for themselves and they don't really know what they're feeling. Feel free to point this out, and refuse to give them an open forum to discuss ideas. If they still try to present their own thoughts, either dismiss them immediately or punish your sub for being presumptive. Either way, refuse to hear what they are saying.

7. Never Praise Them

Praise will make their heads swell. They will begin to think themselves above their stations, and begin to take pride and enjoyment from their activities. You must strictly control this. Their only pleasure must come from you, in measured intervals. Do not tell them they have done well or that they have pleased you. If you do praise them, you risk them gaining a sense of self worth and then why would they need you?!

8. Your Pleasure Is The Only Pleasure

Do not allow them to do something that will please them. This is two-fold: while this means taking away all their outside interests (this includes cutting them off from friends), it also means that you must monitor what submissive acts they take pleasure in. Take those acts away, and never let them perform them. It is best if you can be obvious about this. If it is their pleasure to tie your shoes, tie your own shoes in front of them. It's best if this is done with a mocking look on your face.

9. Never Let Them Talk To Anyone Else, Particularly Not Anyone Else In The Scene

You must very strictly monitor all stimulation. Pay special care to keeping them away from other scene folk, as you can't be sure what new ideas others will suggest to your impressionable sub. You don't want your sub to be able to "compare notes" with other submissives, as this has the potential to call your actions into question.

Particularly avoid allowing them to talk to other Dominants. The other Dominants may provide too much stimulation and cause your sub to form their own thoughts. Remember you want to avoid them thinking their own thoughts at all costs.

10. Break Their Limits

Utterly disregard their attempts to set limits. Submissives have no right to limits. Assert yourself and insist that you will do whatever you please, and they are required to go along with whatever idea you have decided it is time to explore. This is the only way to help a submissive learn and grow. A good example of this is throwing spiders in the faces of people with arachnophobia. Just as that will help arachnophobes get over their fear of spiders, breaking your subs limits will help them overcome their squicks. Ignore the foolish liberals who say that these practices will only reinforce their fears.


This is a good start toward raising a disobedient submissive. Under these conditions, a sub will eventually act out and assert themselves. You will find yourself with a disobedient and most likely disrespectful submissive. Which is what you wanted in the first place, right?

Okay, I've been completely sarcastic in writing this piece. The point of the piece is this: if you recognize yourself here in these spare descriptions and you have a disobedient submissive, it's very likely that that is why. Submissives want to do their very best, but we're only human. Being treated like a human comes first. Then explore our submissiveness with us, and together we can go to amazing places.

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I was really starting to worry about where you were going with this - fully appreciate the sarcasm!!!!! {=}

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