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7/17/2006 6:22 am

by Kree

Lying beside you, holding your mind in my hand,
my voice guiding you where we know you can go.
Watching the changes ripple through your body,
as I whisper the assurances you have come to know.
"Higher my eagle, ride the sensations,
float on the feelings that set you free.
Yes!, see the ground passing beneath you,
Fly lovely eagle, fly for me now!'
Hearing the yearning sounds of your soul's pleasure,
the delightful whispered murmurs and moans that escape.
Pleased by the sound of my name on your trembling lips,
carrying you higher and higher into that serene space.
" Yes, my eagle ride your mind's visions,
higher and higher, where release awaits.
Find your space, float on those feelings,
Fly lovely eagle, you are totally free."
Smiling as I watch the serene look of pleasure,
wash over your face as you float with your desire.
Watching your lovely body react to my whispers,
proud of your trust that allows you to fly.
"Keep going my eagle, claim the high winds,
swooping and soaring on your mind's wings.
Yes.....yes, float on your body's sensations,
knowing I am with you to call you back home."
Lifting my arm, the leathered perch awaits you,
calling your name to come back to me.
Come down, lovely eagle, you have pleased me well,
and now it is time for your flight to end.
"Come to me, float down from the clouds,
back to the home that captured your soul.
Come to me, drift down from the heights,
to the safety awaiting you here in my arms."
Yes, my eagle you may live your deepest desire
and bring me the pleasure that is mine to enjoy.

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