Bring Me Home  

DragonWycke 63M
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7/22/2006 11:14 pm
Bring Me Home

Bring Me Home
by allurement

Funny how I felt
widowed by you...
like there was no way
to reach back and grasp
your hand
The time apart more
than I could bare.
Here is my silent

The nights were so quiet
I could almost hear
myself cry...
from deep inside
where I had lost you
Trying so hard to leave
you.. back where I
had left you...
and I realized
"I" had left you.
Leaving the only
love I had known in
so long.
I trembled.
The memory of you
haunting me... my soul
crying out. The wolf
on the hilltop
howling out to the

Some nights I felt you
behind me... Other times
I saw you in a crowd.
My eyes shutting to
the nightly escape...
With your memory held
tight pressing at my
This gold and diamond
shackle on my
finger... holding me
back from my lover
from my Master
The only one to ever know
where my fire burns
to awake my senses...
my Daddy...

Oh my Daddy I'm so

I never wanted to leave
But all I want is
to come home.
Please bring your
Baby girl home.

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