A beer for Lenny -- not the one on "The Simpsons"  

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8/4/2006 8:43 am

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A beer for Lenny -- not the one on "The Simpsons"

Ok, so today I'm feeling just a little bit insane...and ran across a couple of things whilst surfing the net during the night... The first item was a news item posted just a few hours ago on reuters, that I found not only TFF but also ironic...I will explain the irony part after you read the article>>>

A beer for Lenny -- not the one on "The Simpsons" By Daniel Trotta
2 hours, 42 minutes ago(The time now is 12:30 PM)

The California beermaker who brought the world He'brew, Miraculous Jewbilation and Genesis Ale has come up with a new brew commemorating the late Jewish comedian Lenny Bruce on the 40th anniversary of his death.

Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A. has hit more than 1,000 stores in 25 states in a tribute to Bruce, the ground-breaking comic and social critic who died on August 3, 1966, at age 40.

The beer is made with "obscene amounts of malts and hops," says a statement from Shmaltz Brewing Co., in reference to Bruce's arrests for obscenity in his standup act.

A rye India pale ale, or R.I.P.A., it packs a punch with 10 percent alcohol.

"It's completely outrageous in terms of actual beer style to go along with his sensibility," said Jeremy Cowan, the brains behind the Jew brews.

Cowan said the inspiration for a tribute to Bruce came from his Jewish grandmother, who told of going with his grandfather to see Bruce perform at San Francisco strip clubs.

The San Francisco brewer, who lives part of the year in Brooklyn, started his He'brew beers 10 years ago and introduces a new brand each year. Total sales have passed 2 million bottles.

Cowan is not observant but said in a telephone interview he takes religion seriously and keeps his products kosher.

"I'm not making fun of Judaism. I'm having fun with Jewish culture and tradition," he said,

Now for the ironic part...hahahaha I am (or was) a beer lover, nothing like a cold beer on a hot day, or a cool beer on a cold day ... two years ago I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease and only have about three years left (if that, some docs at the time thought it would only be months). So I guess the irony here is loved beer, can't have beer, loved story but thought it odd putting religous(?) connotations with it, will find out sooner than anticipated on what is on the other side of that door...lol

So here are a few quotes I scarfed up on My journies through webland...

"Here's to you and here's to me great friends forever we shall be but if you and I should disagree f**k you then, and here's to me."

"Drink and dance and laugh and lie, love the reeling midnight through, For tomorrow we shall die! But, alas, we never do.”

"Les mortels meurent. Qu'importe la façon?" (Mortals die. Does it really matter how or when?)

"The efforts which we make to escape our destiny only serve to lead us into it."
Six Of Twelve Reasons Not To Execute Moussaoui

1. He wants death.
2. He wants death.
3. He wants death.
4. He wants death.
5. He wants death.
6. He wants death.


Death of the Old Sea King

'Twas a fearful night -- the tempest raved
With loud and wrathful pride,
The storm-king harnessed his lightning steeds,
And rode on the raging tide.

The sea-king lay on his bed of death,
Pale mourners around him bent;
They knew the wild and fitful life
Of their chief was almost spent.

His ear was growing dull in death
When the angry storm he heard,
The sluggish blood in the old man's veins
With sudden vigor stirred.

"I hear them call," cried the dying man,
His eyes grew full of light;
"Now bring me here my warrior robes,
My sword and armor bright.

"In the tempest's lull I heard a voice,
I knew 'twas Odin's call.
The Valkyrs are gathering round my bed
To lead me unto his hall.

"Bear me unto my noblest ship,
Light up a funeral pyre;
I'll walk to the palace of the braves
Through a path of flame and fire."

Oh! wild and bright was the stormy light
That flashed from the old man's eye,
As they bore him from the couch of death
To his battle-ship to die,

And lit with many a mournful torch
The sea-king's dying bed,
And like a banner fair and bright
The flames around him spread.

But they heard no cry of anguish
Break through that fiery wall,
With rigid brow and silent lips
He was seeking Odin's hall.

Through a path of fearful splendor,
While strong men held their breath,
The brave old man went boldly forth
And calmly talked with death.

Frances Ellen Watkins

so, ok...seems like I made this a downer of a blog, but to Me it isn't, I think most of it is funny and deserves a good chuckle...except for the poem. You see I cannot speak so eloquently(?) as a poet can string a few words together and create a picture in one's mind...so My good friends ctrl-c and ctrl-v really help Me out alot in that regards.LMAO

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To each their own.

Until later

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I am stopping in to leave some love for you, DW. SnowAngel told me that you have been in the hospital. There is a message coming your way via her darlin' . Until your return {=} For all Time and then some.

Lady Hunter

After all the sex is gone, there is the mind - Lady Hunter / BAB

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