How Can You Meet Me?  

Dr_GoodHeadnAR 50F
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5/24/2005 12:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How Can You Meet Me?

Hey guys, Thanks for all the great e-mails and winks. I’m sure you are probably wondering what you can do to increase your odds of getting a positive response from me, and possibly intrigue me enough to want to meet.

To be very honest, I didn’t join AdultFriendFinder to meet men, because I meet men all the time. I, like most women here, get hit on at least once a day. It’s quite easy for us to get tail anytime we want it. However, I’m always up to meet new, exciting, interesting people … and I have met a few men off AdultFriendFinder, and had a great time. (Have you read my blogs?)

Here are a few tips to help you cut thru the clutter of my e-mail in-box:

1. Include a photograph. This doesn’t have to show your face, or even your cock. Let’s face it, it’s all about physical attraction/chemistry, how can I know if I might be attracted to you if I have no idea what you look like. Don’t worry; you don’t need to look like a GQ cover boy!

2. Personality matters. To get my attention your e-mail must say more than “hello” “hey” or “what’s up” or your phone number. Humor helps. One AdultFriendFinder guy sent me an e-mail which said, “Your hair is almost as pretty as my horse’s tail.” Now what girl wouldn’t read and respond to an e-mail like that?

3. Highlight your strengths! Do you have a 10” cock, can you stay hard after orgasm, do you have a 6” tongue, are you great at talking dirty? These are all things that you should tell a girl. Everybody has a sexual strength, I’m curious to know yours!

Try these tips, and maybe one of our encounters will be mentioned in my next blog entry. Don’t worry; one of my strengths is discretion!

shugo3 30M
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5/24/2005 2:21 pm

can I have your email adress... I am very intregued to meet you

sexfriend1963 53M

6/30/2005 9:49 am

I like that. Pretty much to the point.

1. Attraction has little to do with looks (although it does help some) Er, I should say most women's attraction. To most guys, looks have alot to do with attraction.

2. Humour does it every time. Everyone loves a laugh and good moods lead to good times sometimes. Personally, I make a couple rules for myself here. a. Don't go out in a bad mood. b. Don't expect to get laid. Take life as it comes and do your best to enjoy it no matter what your plate is filled with. The rest will follow.

3. Maybe someone doesn't know thier strengths, but would like to find out. Of course, this could indicate in-experience, or the fact that they may not have any one strength, but the combination makes fireworks.

btw, loving your blog.

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7/17/2005 3:54 pm

how are you hope all is well and you are as good as you head lol i wish i was doing as good as my head game i be bill geates i been to told that im gifted in a few spot hands(rub downs) my licker i not ten inc. im 8 1/2 &2 1/2 inc.thick but i now how to do the dan thing and the mpre i pleas you the more i ge horny and i always it is no fun if she don't cum

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