Why Men are Babies  

DrBuckWild 47M
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11/4/2005 10:11 am

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Why Men are Babies

I am sick. I am down with Strep right now and hating life. I am a BIG baby. I want to be spoiled and taken care of. I want to be waited on hand and foot. And... most importantly, I do NOT want to feel guilty about it.

Most healthy men who only get sick once a year, like myself, see this as the Anti-Holiday vacation. Yes, you heard it here. Being sick is like the holiday trip you never wanted to take... but since you are there you might as well get spoiled.

I admit that the studies show that women have significantly higher thresholds for pain. I have been in on some baby deliveries and dang, I would rather be sick than to go through that. But since I am sick, and it doesn't happen very often (like your pregnancy)...Spoil me.

Now, we can get all Freudian and say that we are longing for that nurturing time we had with our mommies. Let's get one thing straight. My mom is a saint, and I love her dearly. But, if she saw one of her kids milking an illness, her foot was in our Butt, post haste. So, let's put the generalities aside when we say, "I want my sweetheart to spoil me." I don't want her nagging me like my mom did to get my butt out of bed... I want Breakfast in bed!

Did you know... and this is great being in the medical profession because we can use information to our advantage just like TV evangelists... that stress only prolongs a persons illness. It lowers our immune response and makes us more miserable for a much longer period of time.

So, think of this as the natural order of things. Men are babies, and they want to be spoiled when they are sick. The more spoiled they get, the quicker their healing time and the sooner they become productive members of society once again. Isn't this wonderful?

In the short time that our women spoil us, we can be more productive at a much more rapid rate. The more grief we are given, the longer we stay sick and the worse we make our women's lives. This is logic that you just can't refute people.

Now, on the turn around note, do women deserve to be spoiled when they are sick? Of course they do. Now, when I was married, I brought my wife breakfast in bed. I did all the stuff around the house, chased the kids, everything. She would be down for a day, maybe two, and life was back to normal.

When I would get sick... it would be, "get your ass out of bed you big baby!" and I would end up staying in bed for about a week. Can I make it any clearer?

For any of you that have followed my blogs, I try to keep my message the same... Be good to one another. Spoiling goes both ways of course; but it doesn't change the fact that men are still babies. Love us. Don't try to understand it. Some of us gave up trying to understand you. But we still love you anyway.

If you don't remember anything else... More spoil time... less sick time. Everything else will fall into place.

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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11/4/2005 6:11 pm

hey you- i am loving that picture. can i snatch your nookie out?

i have always been left to sink alone when i was ill. count yorself lucky that you have been pampered and get better soon !

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