A Story of the Tropics  

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12/29/2005 6:05 pm

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A Story of the Tropics

The passion the night before had been intense and they had slept for hours. The dawn was breaking softly on the horizon, the sky was lightening, letting the man see the waves breaking out across the reef. They had been living in the hut for a few months. Close to the quiet Caribbean town where they obtained their supplies.

The woman stirred in her sleep, her dreams were of the night before. He watched her breasts rise and fall with her breathing, her nipples becoming crinkly nubs. Just the sight of her nude body aroused his desire for her. She was his everything.

They had met while walking on the beach. He had been escaping the rat race, she had been trying to get over a bad relationship. She had
stepped on a sharp shell and cut her foot. He had helped to the hut and cleaned and bandaged the wound. They ate fruit and drank wine while she talked of her life and rested. They had much in common.

Both had come to a point in their lives when they needed something. Was it love, or just the warmth of another body? They talked through the
day and into the night. He offered her his hammock and he chose to sleep on the cushioned mat on the front porch.

He left her in the hut and laid down on the mat. She removed her sheer white dress, exposing her tanned body, and lie down on the hammock.

During the the night he was wakened by a noise in the bushes.

He had been dreaming of the turn of the woman's ankle and the shape of her leg that he had held while attending to her cut. He awoke hard and rigid. His cock standing proudly erect, full balls dangling below.

The woman had also heard the noise and had silently slipped from the hammock to investigate. The man had started to walk into the hut when he ran directly into the women.

His hard cock slipped between the cleft between her legs. They were each startled but did not move. His cock surging with blood, making small jumps with each heartbeat was pressing into her clit. He felt the wetness of her. The woman's lips also pulsed involuntarily,
felling the hardness and heat of his cock.

Their lips met. Mouths opened slightly. The kiss was electrifying. The woman's nipples hardened and pressed into his chest. She moved
her hips and gathered the head of his cock into her. He slid in slowly, stretching her open, penetrating her deeply.

She was wet, excited, wanting him, needing him. They stood there in the door of the hut, one body, one heart, one being. Every slight
movement enhanced their desire.

The woman looked into his eyes and pressed him down to the floor, keeping him within her depths. She spread her legs and straddled him,
his cock sank to her core. He could feel her move to accommodate his size. She stayed still for many minutes, only clenching and releasing
the grip her pussy muscles held on this cock.

The man made his cock jump within her with the wonderful control he had of himself. This silent pulsing was incredible. Her pussy flowed
with juices that bathed his balls and slipped down to his ass.

Their tongues darted and parried in each others mouth. She sucked on his tongue, her passion growing. He sucked on her tongue, his balls moving inside his sack. The release for them both was coming slowly and savagely.

The first sign was the closing of his eyes and the tightening grip he exerted on her hips, pressing his cock deeper. He picked up her
signs. She pushed harder down on him, her pussy opening, closing, clenching and loosening. Her cunt had opened to engulf his cock to the
root. Her clit was jammed against him, shooting electrifying sparks throughout her. Her hard nipples pressed into his chest.

Their orgasm flowed together. The man's back arched. The woman moaned into his mouth. Their toes curled and the woman's juices flowed. The man's cum boiled up from his balls and roiled through his cock rocketing into her. She flushed, her face and chest blushing. She
could feel every spurt of cum from him splash into her depths. The heat of him drove her blinding orgasm. The man spent into her, his mind a white flash of passion. She cried out, her chest and face flushing as it broke over her.

They were one in the pleasure. They had needed this release. They knew there would be more. This sex, this passion had only begun.

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