What Sights Should I Go See?  

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7/15/2006 4:23 am

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What Sights Should I Go See?

I grew up on the Great Plains, and I wandered a great deal when I could find the time (not to mention gas money.) I've visited the Rockies time and again, and I never tire of them. I've traveled as far East as Nashville and as far South as Corpus Christi. To the north, I wandered to the Black hills and climbed down a gorgeous little valley behind Mount Rushmore. When I was very young I was taken to the California coast and climbed a fallen redwood. And when I had a break in the summers during my college days, I traveled to San Antonio and strolled down the River Walk. For my honeymoon I rode horses along the Gulf coast and watched wave after wave wash in thousands of jellyfish on the evening tide.

Now after years idleing with a job and family, I'm about ready to fly apart in my eagerness to see new things. By my estimation, I've got a great deal more to see. I understand there is a lovely highway in New Hamshire that is only open a few months a year that is a must for any biker. The Florida Keys hold a certain appeal in the light of day. The Grand Canyon may be cliche, but the North Rim has impressed me with every image I've seen of it. The Walawa Valley in Oregon looks impressive, and rafting down the Snake River looks like a blast. A Crewman made the Alaska run two years back, and tells me I'm missing out on some spectacular riding.

So where should I go when the mood strikes me? Shoud I go visit you all in your corner of the world? Should I pass you by? It's all under the same sky after all, so should I stay here and let others tell me about the larger world? After sitting on a rock two hundred feet above a valley wall, I know my spirit is refreshed in the grand spectacles of our world. In another time I might have wandered beyond my native land into the wonders of the other continents, but the lable "American" doesn't carry the same weight of good will it once did. Or am I exaggerating my concern for my safety abroad?

What should I see? What would you have me see? Where could I take you?

sexymom20069 48F

7/15/2006 7:22 pm

Be Free - Go anywhere your heart desires.
Let FATE lead you to meet whom ever it chooses for you.

How does that sound ?


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