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The Groom

Alright, I'm fed up with all the shaving stories! Let me make this crystal clear, I shave legs, armpits, and the pubic region of women when I'm asked nicely, and I'm the best there is! I've shaved hundreds of legs without a single nick. I've trimmed armpits to where deoderant wasn't needed for days. I've shorne pussies bare, witout a drop of blood, or even a yelp.

So before I make myself write another comment to a woman in need, let me share some of my experience with you.

The procedure goes something like this:
1: Warm the skin in water
2: Relax the surrounding muscles
3: Apply creme
4: Let her drift while I work
5: Clean up
6: Have her shower
7: Shaved areas must be doused in warm water again and air dried

Greatly simplified, that's all there is to it.

Let's start with the top of the list. I prefer to do this in the bathtub since it greatly simplifies the process, but I've managed to accomplish this outside a time or two. Legs in particular need to have the skin moistened and warmed since the skin on them is in tension rather than compression. Ampits and crotches tend to spend much of the day and night hiding under shoulders or smooshed between the thighs respectively, and they generate excess moisture to remain pliable. The pubic region in particular is guilty of this since it is crammed under panties, slips, skirts, pants, and tight jeans and produces more than just sweat on any given day. The skin of the crotch and armpit need special attention for this reason but I'll get to that later. The legs are a straighforward matter. The pores must open and the surface must be moist or the resulting shave will feel like five-o'clock shadow when the blade is set aside. What this does is allow the skin to stretch and distend at a very basic level. The hair folicles relax and rise a little further from the surface doing this.

The pubic region needs a thourough dousing, not to say dunking. Furthermore the area must be cleaned at this time. Not to say you girls mean to slather the region with vaginal fluid, but any fluid residue on the skin of this area will cause the blade to slip or dull, so a good scrubbing is not negotiable.

The second thing is easier to explain. Goosbumps are not your friend when razors must trail the surface of your skin. Chances are you won't be cut, but the surface finish will be close to tire damage when your done. Rubbing the muscles of the thighs, calves, arms, buttocks, and abdomen allows the tissues and skin to grow accustomed to your touch. Rub down each region individually before you apply the creme. Don't rub down everything unless you are prepared to focus on the area to be shaved again before you start.

Apply the creme. I reccomend Skintimate or Aveeno, but I've been out of this buisness for about five years so I won't insist on a particular brand. Indeed, it would appear much experimentation should be used to settle on the best creme for the job. My ex had to have Skintimate, but another woman I tried it one tuned up so stubbly I had to begin again with something else. Be picky and use what works best. The creme (I prefer gel actually) must be warmed between the palms before it touches the skin or goosbumps will ruin the shave. Depending on how ticklish the region is, try to make this part of the process as lavish as possible. A sexually aroused woman will relax in ways that will benifit the surface finish.

Let her drift while I work. I tend to do this in bathtubs so what this means is that she must be warm, comfortable, and preferably drowsy. With legs in paricular, a reclining woman tends to slide down towads the drain. A bare foot under her rump will remedy this. While shaving the pubic region I like to move to a towel on the floor of a bathroom thick with shower steam and have her lie down. Nothing is too extream when it comes to comfort. Her body must be as limp as if she just fucked the football team. Pillows, extra towels, music, the only limitation is what you are willing to clean up and light, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU SHAVE IN POOR LIGHT!

Clean up. Have her shower or bathe taking care to wash her hair when she does so. I don't know why but washing her hair added a day or two to the smoothness of the legs. Pick up the blades, creme, and towels. A word about blades. There is an absolute mania for multiblade razors right now, when it comes to pubic regions a single blade disposable bic works the best. It must be fresh and, depending on the woman's hair, a few extras should be at hand in case it dulls quickly. As for legs, multiblades will do since the surface is much more regular.

Why must the shaved regions be doused in warm water and air dried? This prevents razer burn. In addition when the skin dries thourougly irritated spots should be dabbed with Vasoline and the whole area may need moisturizer. If you decide to use baby oil, apply it before the skin dries.

If there are any questions, objections, or radically differant techinques, I'd love to hear from you. But this is what worked when I was a Groom.

(and the fucking spellcheck siezed up again argh!)

sexymom20069 48F

7/14/2006 12:37 pm

Ok , if and when we meet - You can be the first and only to shave me , how about that ?

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