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Dowd3 42M
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6/3/2006 6:07 am
In Step

There is a common denominator to my fantasies. I try not to have a woman jarred into sex. In my experience female arousal is a slow process, and there is beauty to be found in it. The hot, pumping action fuck is all good and well at the end of a day spent wanting one another, but how often does that kind of synchronicity actually occur? Almost never. The women in my life have always been erratic to arouse. My first girlfriend taught me how the gradual build up of the fever could be a satisfying and delicious feast for the senses, but we never had intercourse nor any oral sex. Fact of the matter is she did little to me at all. But I still love to build up the small, affectionate gestures into the crowd pleaser's. The senses like to examine things in detail and discuss it with the mind on an instinctual level. This wordless state of grace turns something around from an act of the body to an merging of souls. And I find that as close to my desires as they come.

My next girlfriend, and next step into the realm of sex, dealt with the nuts and bots of the act. The teases, touches, and caresses one can use to set nerves aflame, and she was a delighted Guinea pig. There were few things I didn't try with her (anal sex, threesomes and so on) but the larger majority of what two people could to to one another I tried on her. It was an ecstatic and troubling time for me. On the one hand I was sexually compatible with her, but we were emotionally distant. Sex became a crude, wet playground of intricate plays and explosive sensation, but nothing more.

So far, no woman yet found combines both sensation and spirit in the singular temple of her body. And I'm convinced few are around.

If all this sounds like so much prose and no more, ask yourself if you could descend back into innocence with your lover. I'm not talking virginity but elation. The physical act is of little consequence next to complete abandon. The amazement you find when together and you are truly feeding off one another. The kind of wonder you feel when you take the journey together without losing step.

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