Immaculate timing  

Dowd3 42M
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5/21/2006 9:03 am
Immaculate timing

I have a pair of friends that are the only ones to tell me I have perfect timing. It started with their relationship.

One day my friend (we'll call her Joy) came to my door and asked me to borrow my bike. "There's a party in Pittsburgh, and I want to get there today." Pittsburgh is about three and a half hours away so I knew she expected to get laid, drunk, stoned, or all of the above when she got there. Being the generous man I am, I loaned her the bike, and off she went.

When she came back, Joy had a strange look a on her face, somewhere between delight and shock. "You've met someone!" I declared.

She smiled and said, "You'll never guess who."

Taking all the factors into consideration I looked in the most unlikely place, my nephew (we'll call him Brian.) Now to back things up a touch, let me explain that Joy was thirty at the time, and Brian was seventeen. It seemed a preposterous notion. But it was true! We had a long talk after that, but I saw no reason why she shouldn't be happy with Brian. They may be many things, but they do make a kooky couple. They are both wickens, they are both stoners, they are both erratic and passionate, so why shouldn't they be happy together? Aside from the age difference my opinion was they would have few issues to cleave them apart.

Joy took this all very well and promised to keep me informed.

A few months later I wandered over to see what was happening in Joy's life and pulled in right behind Brian's car about a block from Joy's house. When he pulled into the driveway, she came rushing out and all but fucked Brian in front of me and the neighbors. Turns out he was moving in that day.

A few more months later I wandered in again to see how things were between the two of them, and met them going out the door all dressed up. Being it was a Sunday I thought nothing of it until Brian asked if I wanted to go to a wedding. Being a slow day, I went along wondering just who was getting married (I hate to assume anything.)

With my then four-year-old girl in tow, I mingled with the guests, surveyed the scenery (it was an outdoor wedding and a very nice place to have it,) and thought nothing of just who was taking the plunge until my girl asked me. So I wandered up to Brian and Joy and asked, "Say, just who is getting married today?"

Conversation stopped for an instant and all eyes turned my way. Brian and Joy started laughing and explained to me that they were, of course. They further told me that had I arrived at their door five minutes later they would have been gone.

A few more months down the road, I looked in on them again. Joy told me, "You'll never guess what happened today."

"I don't know," I said, "You found out you're pregnant?" Just how did I know? A few months later I turned up out of the blue on the day they discovered the sex of the baby.

I can go on and on, but I still can't believe it myself. My immaculate timing saw to it I was there when they bought their house, discovered the imminent arrival of their next child, and ultimately the same thing on their last child. It must be stressed that MONTHS of little or no contact separated these moments of their lives. Otherwise it would sound like I was merely there like any other friend. But instead I was there to witness these happy snapshots of their time together while the bulk of their relationship belonged to them. Eerie.

Have you ever been there for moments like this for those around you? Can anyone top my string of success?

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