Some people need to get a Life  

DovesJasForever 64F
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8/21/2006 10:49 am

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10/13/2006 2:49 am

Some people need to get a Life

I have been in AdultFriendFinder for 4 years and have seen alot of bullshit I have also met a few nice people including my lovely dove. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met inside and out. I have also made a few real friends from this site , so it is possible ! But I must add I have seen a lot of sad,lonely people mess up other's heads by their pettiness and cruelty. Jealousy of others can create a lot of havoc. People we can have fun on this site What pleasure do you get out of messing with peoples emotions ? I will never understand that. Is there not enough sadness and hate in life without bringing it into a supposedly fun site?In the end back stabbing and gossip will get you nowhere. So please think about it before you start spreading rumours and lies because remember people "What goes around always Comes around and it just might bite you in the ass !!!! After all that lol Hope you find what you are looking for without messing up others in the process.

elmexicano_2k 46M

8/21/2006 11:19 am


Butch: I'm American, honey. Our names don't mean shit.

phoenix639 49F

8/21/2006 11:43 am

Totally agree, there are some nasty people on this site.

They outwardly look & act nice but are backstabbing vermin in real life.

Thanksfully i know many wonderful & genuine people from the blogs & they are now in my real life too.

We soon suss them out, liars arent that clever.

kyplowboy22 61M

8/21/2006 4:08 pm

Welcome to Blogland. Hope to see you around. Later


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