Lonesome Dove  

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4/25/2005 8:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Lonesome Dove

As I lay here listening to the rainstorm outside my window, letting the cool breeze wrap around my dripping wett skin, I remember a time gone by where I was engulfed by passion

My nipples sing as my memory takes my body back to feel the touch of his warm hands, the scent of his soft creamy skin, the whispers of his smooth soulful voice

I close my eyes,as my hands become his, mapping out the paths to ecstacy as he explored the essence of my soul, every centemeter of my baby soft skin with his caring gentle hands and his warm adoring lips

Around my breasts, tugging at the nipples like a new baby cub, sqeezing them together as if he couldnt get enough milk, then up to my spot, mmmm the curve of my neck, sucking and licking as if he were trying to leave his mark his tatoo, as if to brand me "for his lips only"

I long for someone to hold me, to caress me as my body shivers from the cool summer breeze. my hands become his lips, reliving the path to the erogenous zone, legs parted moist lips open, I feel him there with me, hips moving to his rhythm, thumb massaging my vine as his two fingers grab for the ripest fruit, tugging at my gspot while the juices run down to the palm of his hand

He dives in to get all the sweet nector he can savor, our moans echoing shaking the roof top, suddenly I hear voices on the sidewalk but I keep his memory alive, I do not care who hears me who sees me, I need his embrace

Slowly he enters my orchard, I hold him close as he searches for more nector of the gods,
throbbing deep inside,swinging from the vines, our souls becum one, hour after hour we fan the burning flame

Eyes opened by the roars of thunder and the crackle of lightning,as I cling to my pillow, I realize it was just a daydream, my hands are his, despite the thrill of the moment, the heat in the sheets, once more I am a Lonesome Dove

biguy19612000 55M

7/2/2005 10:45 am

hot, baby, hot. i'd love to get you there myself

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