DougSensual 48M
61 posts
8/9/2006 1:32 pm

Calm down, chill and relax
Lay on your stomach as I massage your back
I have a tune to play, let me put it on track
To find unlimited pleasure we no longer need a map
Right here (with me) is where it is at
As the room transcends to black
Let the erotic aroma blow from the scented candles wax
Guaranteed satisfaction is hard to get
That is a well-known fact
Around your nipples, my lips wrap
My tongue caressing your soft skin
Any fantasies you have, do not hold them in
You want it as bad as me, no need ...do not pretend
The willingness that is in me
You cannot find in many men
Bite ur lips, grab my head
Ecstasy is here, close your eyes
As I kiss in between your inner thighs
Sippin` from your fountain of LOVE as if you were wine
My tongue moving in various lines

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