Thursday night neon lights.  

DougSensual 47M
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8/25/2006 10:57 am
Thursday night neon lights.

Soo.. What did we learn last night?

Going out is a good thing. Just be aware of who I go out with and into what environment.

I may have found a good watering hole to frequent.

I could use dancing lessons. I think I’d pick it up pretty quickly and I’d be pretty good at it.

People of both genders will forgive a multitude of faux pas if you’re a good dancer.

A woman will respond to a firm and confident (but not crushing) hand to the back

I should get a cell phone.

I make a good wingman. I’m a good wingman even if my buddy doesn’t really need one. It was my buddy who had the girl this night. I've seen my buddy in a swinsuit. I'm in much better shape! Though the girl isn't his type, he was still not worthy.

Some men make way too many assumptions about a girl.

Women who go to kicker bars to attract men do not realize how ridiculous they look dressed just this side of a prostitute. Ladies who don’t dress like street-walkers are actually more attractive. It is very possible to be very attractive in a blouse that a woman is not going to fall out.

With all the cigarette smoke, cologne at a kicker bar is a waste of time. I’d have done better if I’d lit up my pipe.

I do better all ‘round wearing my contact lenses instead of my glasses.

I have a low tolerance for alcohol. Though I can still drive after two beers, I get both mellow and silly when buzzed.

A girl on a date doesn’t necessarily concern herself with what a guy drives or where he lives or how much money he makes or if he's in fabulous shape with six-pack abs. Can the guy hold a conversation? Does he have a good heart?

I can hold a conversation.

I have a good heart.

I deserve something good when I do find a girlfriend or SO or what you call her. When I do discover her (or her, me) it will be very good.

I’ve been told these things before...

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