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11/28/2005 10:14 pm

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blog entry 11-29-05

Well got up and had to work in the rain today...that sucked. then I came home and went bowling. While there the place was crawling with little hotties. there was this girl sitting at the bar. She had long brown hair, maybe 5'2", about 100lbs. she had on these tights jeans that just made her azz look devine. She look as if she was 14-15 years old but she was drinking so she hahd to be at least 21. man thats one of my favorite features. I love that young look. It can get you into trouble if your not careful though. I walk up to the bar the get another drink and said hi to her and we chatted breifly and I found out she was going to the local all girls college and she invited me over this weekend. HEHE. I wonder what kinda trouble we're gonna get into. I'm sure it'll be alot of drinking and maybe a movie or something. Well I'll let yoa know what happens.

Anyhow i came home and fixed a bite to eat and then watched a little tv. i got a call fom the hottie and we talked for about 2-3 hours. Lost track of time. who knows maybe this could lead to alot more than sex. I wouldn't mind. Well i guess I better hit the bed just in case the rain lets up and we have to work tomorrow. I doubt it. its calling for rain all day and thunderstorms. Oh well we'll see. I won't sleep much anyway thinking about the hottie. nite all

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