A few of my past excapades!! Story 1 part I  

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A few of my past excapades!! Story 1 part I

Ok I had originally planned to put some of my adventures on here but some people talked me out of it. After giving it alot of thought I decided the hell with it. I have however changed all the name that will in here for their protection. Hope you enjoy this and I'll have plenty more to come.

I've been a member on here for quite some time and have met alot of great people. My first experience on here was a blast. Its been a couple years back but Devon was from UVA. We started chatting in the chatroom on here and hit it off and went to our private messengers. I didn't get to see any pics of her and was very nervous when she started talking about meeting. She finally convinced me that i had nothing to worry about and if I didn't approve of her looks when we met that I could just walk away no hard feelings. "Ok, thats sounds fair enough" I told her. "Where do you want to meet?" She said "pick me up at my place."

She then told me how to get there and apon my arrival I was nervous as I could get. I had no idea what to expect. So I walk up to the door with a single red rose in had knock. Suddenly the door opened and I introduced myself. "Hello Devon, I'm Darby, nice to finally meet you." Now I have to say my mouth was on my feet about this time because this girl was a knockout. She replied "I'm sorry, I'm Shelley, Devon will be right with you," chuckling as she walked away and left me at the door. God did I feel small about this time.

So about a minute later Devon walks around the corner in this sexy but elegant mini skirt and tight strapless top on in matching red and I just stared. I couldn't believe my eyes at how beautiful she was. "Hello Devon, this is for you" handing her the rose." "How sweet, your looking rather handsome tonight" she told me. I was about speechless and finally mustered out "Thanks, your pretty fine yourself" glancing my eyes up and down her body.

Now she was about 5'7", 125lbs, brown hair, and green eyes. She had, from what I could tell at the time, fairly small breast but a nice round firm butt, and legs that just wouldn't quit. She had on matching 2" heels, earings, and a necklace.

So as were leaving I open the door for like a gentleman and off we go. We went to Red Lobster and had our dinner, chatting and getting to know each other more. Its better face to face than online. Afterwards we decide to head to a little club in Cville. I can't remeber the name for the life of me now. But we have a few drinks and she talks me into going on the dance floor. Well let me tell you, I've never been one for dancing alot because I think I look like a fool but I thought what the hell. Surprisingly enough, I don't know if it was from the alcohol or what, I did well and she liked it. Of course she runs into alot of people she knows and we hang out having fun until closing time.

After we leave there she invites me back to her place for a movie. Of course I agree. We get back to her place and go to her room. Come to find out she lives with 2 other girls there. Being Saturday night no one else was home yet. So she puts on "She's All That" and we runs to the bathroom. "I'll be right back need to get into something more comfortable" she told me. When she came back out she had on a pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt. Wasn't really cold but I thought nothing of it. So we cudlle up to watch the movie.

After about half the movie was over I started running my hand through her hair and she started to moan. Liking what I heard I kept going. She then started running her fingers across my stomach an up my chest just making figure 8's. Now, I hadn't even planned on having sex that night because it was just supposed to be a meet and hang out date to start, but when she started rubbing my chest I couldn't take it. So I let my hands roam down to her neck and back and when i did she turned and kissed me. Our lips met with that wild passion and we turned into animals. kissing each other, tongues intermingling, sucking on each other's tongue and lips, and kissing and licking each others neck.

Now talking about her outfit when she came out of the bathroom. I now found out why she had been wearing it. She sat up and tore off her top only to reaveal one of the sexiest nighties i have ever seen. It was pink and black and barely contained her breast, it had a fully open stomach with the material running down her sides and disappearing into her bottoms. She then stoop up on the bed and turned around slowly removing the pajama pants. I quickly found out that the matriel did not leave much to the imagination as it had a thong back and when she turned it barely was enough to cover the front. Had she not been completely shaved I believe all the hair would've shown.

"After our evening together I just couldn't wait to get you back here. I know we hadn't planned on having sex tonight because you had never seen me until you got here but I just couldn't wait until a next meeting." she told me. "I definitely have no objections." was the best I could come up with. "Good because tonight I'm gonna rock your world." She told me as she climb back on top of me. She then proceeded to take off my shirt and start kissing and licking her way from my neck to my stomach. Kissing and nibbling each nipple just enough to have slight pain but oh so much pleasure. She then blew my mind away by undoing my belt, the zipper, and the button of my pants with her mouth. After pulling my pants off she started teasing me by licking all around but making sure not to let anything but her hair touch my now throbbing and aching cock.

When she finally did she slowly licked from the base all the way up the shaft and in one motion took me in her mouth all the way to the base. She continued licking and sucking for what seemed like and eternity. Licking and sucking my balls, using her hand to stroke me as she sucked me, and used her other to massage my balls. She even let her fingers wander south alittle farther a couple times to massage my.....well you know, just never penetrated. She kept going and going and I finally couldn't take any more. "I'm cumming," I told her. She then took me in her moth all the way to the hilt again and just held it there as i blew wad after wad of cum down her throat.

When I was finished she pull my cock out of her mouth and gave in one final going over with her tongue to make sure she din't miss any and gave it a small kiss and then slowly crwled up and gave me a kiss. "Mmmm, you taste as good as you look" she told me with devilish eyes. "Thats good to know, but now its time to find out if you taste as good as you look" as I sat up, smacked her ass, and flepped her over on her backside.................

To be continued....

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