Poem of Passion for the Ladies  

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5/19/2005 10:15 am

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Poem of Passion for the Ladies

You stir in me a feeling of connection
You are that which I have felt an emptiness for
Your touch is the warm breeze on a sunny day
Your eyes are the gaze of the moon on dark nights

You are the thing of my dreams
You are the object of my fantasies
Your voice rips away my suit of armor
Your words are the lyrics of your soul

You have alighted in me a new passion
You have shown me that which I lost
Your lips are the promise of sweet desires
Your smile is the light of happiness few find

You have spoken of things you hold dear
You have given a measure of trust
Your honesty is a revelation from above
Your attention is a thing to behold

You are the image of beauty to me
You make me feel like a child inside
Your body is the ghost of Venus on Earth
Your passion is fire set ablaze on my flesh

You are that I could never hurt
You fill my thoughts with promise and hope
Your skin is the sweetness of sinful treats
Your hands are the calm to my storms

You have all that would make me complete
You are a key to the lock of my soul
Your dreams are a treasure I yearn to find
Your heart is my secret wish

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