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11/15/2005 6:30 pm

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Life Decision

So a fri
So back to his call:
He called me to tell me that the last advice I had foend called yesterday. Not just anyfriend, one of those friends you would normally consider closer then a sibling.

We have been friends for a number of years. I originaly met him when I answered an add for a construction job. And ended up working for him for several years. His company had growing pains or they just couldnt get past the mental block of growing past 10 employees. With a little push and shove from me I showed him the way.

After I moved on from his employ I would still give him engourgment and advice on his buisness.
Many times he tried to pay me for my help but I always refused and told him one day he would be so big that he could hire me to run things for him

Over the past six years he has offered me a job bout 6-7 times our everytime he expanded but I never really felt like he needed me, rather he was just trying to keep his end of our bargain.
Besides I like my job and have alot of fun with it.
r him was paying off nicely. They had incorporated and opened offices in other states, and that he now needs me to come in and help him run things.

The Pros:
I trust him
The pay is almaost 3 times what I make now
I am good at the job he is offering

The Cons:
I wouldnt enjoy the work as much as my current job
I would have to travel
It could affect our friendship

At first thought the money sure would be nice, but when I weigh that against not bieng at home with for my kids??????

So you see my delema? Is the financial security as important to my kids well bieng or is my direct involvment in there day to day lives more important?

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online69n 51F

11/18/2005 9:30 pm

in all decisions that you are unsure of make two list..10 reasons why and 10 reasons why not and see which holds the most weight!The best of luck...........

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