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It has been more than a month since I decided to post a blog on this topic I call “Into the White Kingdom.” I was intending to use it to discuss the topic of inter-racial sexual experiences. I thought it would be more germane if my discussion were based on relevant personal experience. Since I have backed out–for one reason or another–of each opportunity for “sexual relations” with white men, I decided to focus this discussion on why I haven’t “gone all the way.”
Actually, I did have one sexual encounter with a white guy, but I have decided that any encounter that lasts less than 2 minutes DOES NOT COUNT as having sex!

So why haven’t I done it yet? To be truthful, my experiences to date with white men prior to making plans for a sexual encounter have not been good. It’s possible these oddities contribute to the apprehension that ultimately causes me to change my mind. Nonetheless, I can not get past the strange “vibes” I get after I decide positively on getting together for some “fun.” I am overcome with notions of how strange it will be, how awkward, how wrong, and how disappointed I will be if I go through with it. Consequently, I have reversed myself every time! I was very surprised to know that I would act in this fashion–after all; getting a “great dick” is getting a “great dick.” What does color have to do with it? Apparently, much more than I bargained for! I now carry a much different prospective on racial boundaries (not necessarily barriers, though) than I had prior to these situations.

Now here I go again! Another white man has caught my attention. I have an easy excuse this time, but perhaps this “excuse” will work to our advantage. In any case, my conclusion is thisfor me inter-racial sex will need to be in the context of some definable relationship (not a casual sort of thing). In the absence of the basic components that make all consensual sexual encounters the most exciting and pleasurable, inter-racial sex is bound to leave me feeling empty, deprived and . The worst of this outcome is that I would have done it to myself!

If you care to comment, by all means, please share your points-of-view, experiences, advice, or anything you care to convey. As always, take care and be safe!

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