reddog / Sybil??  

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7/17/2006 6:00 pm

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7/18/2006 5:17 pm

reddog / Sybil??

am totally and awfully bummed. It was a bad enough day - didn't get to take my lunch till after 4 pm.... and dang b*tching LO's lol.

Where do I start... I got reddog from my sorta g/f / manicurist - had been getting my nails done by her almost as long as she HAD reddog - he was about 5 when I got him - she moved and couldn't / didn't want to take him with her. He and I always had a special connection - or at least I thought so. She said I was the only one that when I pulled in - he didn't bark at. Shortly after I had to put my last dog down (Mulder was a MEAN MEAN dog btw) she called me and asked me if I wanted him. I was more concerned that I would fall more in love with him and she'd want him back. She didn't.

He is a sweet gentle dog, LOVES people - the more the merrier. Catches a tennis ball on a bounce - sleeps next to me at night. After being in a trailer park on a chain - being at my place was heaven.... specially when it wasn't winter time (2 seasons in Michigan - winter and construction). He LOVES being outside.... and is pretty good about staying in the yeard / not wandering far off. I have 1.4 acres and am on a dead end so don't worry too much about him being out.

I remember the first time I cam home and he did the ole *omg I am guilty guilty guilty and you're going to find what I did and be really pissed* position. I found a paper bag torn up later on. Ok no biggie - told him bad dog don't do that.

Next time it was a wicker basket in the basement he had chewed up -- ok not that big a deal. Time after that he got into my bamboo sticks I use to make reed diffusers in my side business and that was bad - about $40 worth.... but I had left them where he could get them. Lesson learned - he likes wicker type things don't leave them where he can get them.

It slowed down after that - till recently. One really nice day I thought I would leave my slider open to the deck - there was a nice breeze. Came home and he was outside! Screen door had a hole in it - bunch of fishing magazines I was saving for ex b/f by the front door were all shredded. Then I went downstairs - a good 20 rolls of toilet paper destroyed - TP everywhere!
That was about 2 weeks ago maybe...

Late last week more shredded fishing magazines - well at least they weren't mine. Put the few that were left under the coffee table. He came in and I layed down next to him on the floor and tried the *I stilll love you but why did you do this* approach.

Today...made sure I shut all the doors to the other rooms. Get home ... Living room blinds destroyed!!!!! Tall lamp knocked over and wont work (havent tried chenging bulb yet) and yet anopther fishing magazine (can he read???). I can't AFFORD for him to keep destroying my house!

I remember him having a short time of epsiodes at former owners home - she had some doorknobs he chewed. She got a kennel and he bent all the bars on it! Then after that he was fine. I can't really afford to get a kennel right now - but I wonder if he would only need a day or two in it to make him get the point - or if he'd ruin that too and still be *psycho*.

He's normally the sweetest dog - sweetest I ever had! Plays with the little kids next door... soooooooo gentle. And I am so upset and confused. I know he's mad that I can't be home all the time - but I can't!!

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7/17/2006 6:32 pm

The kennel worked for us until our dog figured out how to open the door on his own. He eventually grew out of ruining everything, but he still loves any kind of paper or tissues. And sometimes, to show his anger at being home alone, he leaves it all over the house!

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7/18/2006 6:52 am

I consider myself fortunate to have the dog I have. Her faults are few and since puppy hood she hasn't chewed on anything she shouldn't -except tasty stuff like litter box treats, bathroom trash, and underwear left on the floor. LOL

May I suggest interesting your dog in something expendable to chew? Depending on his size, you could play keep away with a bottle cap, rawhide bone, etc. (Make sure it's unlike anything you value.) Get his attention and toss it some place where you can get it first. Pretend to chew on it. When he wants it bad enough, "accidentally" let him get it and praise him for doing so. If he chews on it, praise him some more.

The idea is not to encourage chewing but to give him an acceptable outlet for his undeniable need to chew. Hopefully, he will learn which items he may or may not chew. If his purpose is to punish you for leaving him, this technique may or may not work, but my guess is that he's bored, frustrated, or just plain wants to chew.

Good luck and give your dog a big hug and kiss for me! - Dana

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