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One of my stories

I enjoy writing erotic short stories, and this is the first chapter of my current effort. I wrote this story from the point of view of the woman, taking a bit of literary license.

Encounter at the Hilton
Chapter One

She was excited. Not the kind of excitement that she would feel when going to an off-broadway show or a new restaurant. Not even the excitement that used to come with Christmas or her birthday. No, this excitement was different. She knew that danger often brought a strange, eerie feeling of sexual arousal, and she knew that there was a slight element of danger in what she was doing, but canceling this was unthinkable.

She found her thoughts drifting back to how it began. It started innocently enough in a chat room. He had a commanding personality, such that everyone in the room deferred to his opinion and listened to whatever he said. It didn’t matter if what he said was right or wrong, it was the way he said it. She knew that he was what she had been looking for, what had been missing from her life. So many men had been bullies. For them, the term domination meant that they had the right to bully her and have their way with her. Not that having their way was wrong, for she longed to give herself to one man without reservation. No, it was the manner in which they used her in the past that made it feel dirty…and she had felt used. She had always felt that a man should value what she gave freely and without question, but in the end, after she gave her most precious gift, herself, it was as though they asked, “Is that all there is?” For her, it was what should have been the beginning, and for them, it was the end.

But no, he was different. Somehow she felt that he understood her, that he could see deep into her soul and found something that appealed to him. She knew that if she gave herself to this man, without question, without reservation, that he would truly understand and appreciate what it was that she gave. More than this, though, she felt that she would finally find the ultimate satisfaction that comes from giving a gift that is received with the same feeling that it was given. She needed that feeling. She hoped it would come from this man.

As she got dressed for her unusual meeting, she shivered in anticipation. For the briefest moment, she wondered if this was the right thing to do. Immediately dismissing her fears, she continued dressing. There was the strangest sensation on her skin as she slowly put on each piece of clothing, as though she were feeling her own skin for the first time. This man had awakened something in her that had lain dormant for so very long, and it felt strange. She debated bringing a jacket, then chose not to. She grabbed her purse, then instead took only the essentials from her oversized bag and threw them into her tiny nightclub bag, following the instructions he had given her. “Bring only the bare essentials because you will give up everything to give yourself to me.” Cryptic words, she knew, and reading meaning into them drove her into endless circles.

She jumped into her car easily 45 minutes before their scheduled meeting time, but she could not take a chance on traffic. As she got ever closer to the location he had chosen for their meeting, she felt a wetness permeate her clothing, accompanied by a tingling between her legs. She had never felt quite this way, and in a way, it was unnerving. For the second time that evening her body shivered, although she was not quite sure if it were from anticipation, excitement, or fear. Perhaps it was from all three.

He had given her a number of choices as to how they would meet. “We can meet in a totally public place for coffee, if you would like. We can talk, you can grow comfortable with me, and I can learn what your needs are.”

There was a temptation to accept that plan…it was safe…and she liked to be safe. But, there was another side of her that longed to show that she felt she had found THE ONE, and she didn’t need to feel safe. By doing it this way, she was showing that she trusted him implicitly already. Nonetheless, he insisted that she notify a good friend what she was doing and where, and he provided her with all she needed to know about him to feel somewhat safe, and this information had been sent to her friend. She felt safe, like you do when you are jumping off a bridge into a net. You know the net is there, everyone says you won’t get hurt, but as you jump, you are still so scared you could piss your pants. That’s how she felt, like she was jumping from a bridge. But tonite, it didn’t seem to matter. She knew the net was there, but if, for some reason, he chose to drop the net, then she had done something to disappoint him and somehow deserved what happened. She wanted to trust him. No, she needed to trust him, to know that she was giving all that she had and it had to be enough. He could do as he wished with her because, in some special, unique way, she already loved him as a friend and Master, and he alone would choose her fate tonite.

There it was, she noted. She had arrived at the Hilton, and per his instructions, she drove to valet parking. As instructed, she gave her name to the valet.

“Ah, yes, miss Young, you may go directly to room 516. You won’t be needing your bag, so you may leave it in the trunk of your car. It will be safe.”

With one last sigh, she put her purse in the trunk and gave her car keys to the attendant. He gave her the key card to the room, then drove off in her car. She entered the hotel and started up the elevator to her room, wondering what her fate would be tonite.

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