You're beautiful; I have good taste.  

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7/28/2005 1:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

You're beautiful; I have good taste.

Ok, let's talk for a few minutes about the beauty in each and every one of us. I see it every day, and at the same time, I see people who just can't own the fact that there is something about them that stands out and shines.

I'm going to say it, and you can feel free to argue with me 'till who laid the rails; You're beautiful. Deal with it.

It seems to me that the root of the problem here is that people seek judgment in others and then hand that judgment more power over their self image than they give their own inner voice. Other people will *always* be competitive, and most learn at an early age that they can hold you down just by adding in their tainted judgment. The sick part is that *this works*.

Start listening to your heart. If there are things about yourself you want to change, by all means change them. If there are things your friends want you to change about yourself to meet *their* expectations, find new friends.

Worst case scenario, talk to *me*. I've always got room and time for friends.But be prepared to delve deep and find out just who it was that convinced you that you have nothing to offer the world, are overweight, worthless, ugly, lazy... Whatever it is that has you believing words that as likely as not came out of somebody's mouth in competition, not the desire to help.

I have a place in my heart for everyone I've ever met. I keep the door there open in case I stumble across somebody that takes the time to get to know me.

And a side note about those who can't believe a dominant male has anything good to say about anyone... Part of being dominant is discovering yourself. I have discovered in myself that I can see beyond other people's perceptions, and I *like* what I see, in everyone. Sure, there are some who I won't spend time with, even some I dislike. If I dislike someone, it's because I dislike their actions or attitude, not their hair, smile, clothing, etc.

Have a great day, smile into the mirror and realize there are very few people on the face of this earth who can be honest in admitting how wonderful another person is without clouding the issue and competing. XOXOXOX


sportsfan362436 47F

7/29/2005 12:30 am

I have this 'discussion' frequently with a very good friend. I just cannot see what he seems to... however, this also works in reverse. From your writings you seem to be a very special individual.. one I eagerly look foreward to getting to know better... *smiling* There are some feelings some 'traits' which are just so deeply ingrained.. it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, to sort out. You have such a caring soul, and your wife is a lucky woman. However, I imagine you to say that you are a lucky man to have found her as well.... (am I right? *grinning*)
Have a great weekend, dear Randy, and give yourself a great big smile in the mirror from me... and your other readers, I imagine.
*kisses n hugz, always*

Barbiebunny69 43F

7/29/2005 7:44 pm

u know this is really relative. I was on a photo shoot this week (for corsets) and the female undercurrent of... one upsmanship, insecurity was amazing.. like a bunch of uneasy gunslingers in a saloon at high noon.

I paraded in last as the diva does, noticed the tention and blurted out.. "what a fine bunch of ladies... all so different in their beauty"

Apples and oranges. I wanted them to understand that. I also think they were intrigued as these beautiful women ranged from a size 2 to 20. Im proud to be on a shoot with different ethnicities and sizes. But some of the judgementalism was still there. But I just crashed around with a happy smile enjoying all that was me, the great talent there and being called "boobs" all day..since well.. I had the largest set in the room!

Beauty is all different, and the ones that cant see it in its full technicolor is a prisioner of societys whims.

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