The mind...  

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7/21/2005 9:04 am

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The mind...

I met "Kimberly" in a park one day. I watched her playing Frisbee with some friends. She was fabulous to look at, and even better to look in to.

I watched the game, the exchanges that were happening, the subtleties of power being handed off with the Frisbee disc. In minutes, I was intrigued. In months, we shared trust.

"Stand still, and no matter what, don't move, not even to speak."

I casually walked around her naked form as she stood before me as requested. When I looked into her eyes, she looked back into mine, without the reservation that had been there the first time we had played.

I grasped one of her hands and ran my fingertips along it's edge, then leaned forward and ran my tongue along the edge of her lips. She flinched, very very slightly, but my request had been clear.

"Once more, do NOT move."

Her heavy sigh was clearly an attempt at testing my resolve to have what I wanted. I met the challenge by turning my back on her.

I could feel her eyes scanning my body. I knew she wanted to speak. I knew the waiting was more painful that a dozen swats would have been. Over the next several minutes, her tension grew.

When I turned around and faced her, she looked back into my eyes without so much as a blink until I broke the gaze. When I pushed my tongue between her lips, she remained still.

I kissed her, lapping at her lips, probing her mouth with my tongue, daring her to kiss me back.

The dilemma here was obvious. I could see it in her eyes that she wanted to kiss me back. But I could also see there that she wanted to please me. Two urges very familiar to her on their own, very confusing to her when they pulled against one another.

She remained motionless while I explored. I nibbled on her lips, licked them, even nipped her on the end of her chin. The next time my tongue slid past those lips, her tongue came up to meet mine.

Again, I stopped.

"Are you trying to disappoint me?"

One tear ran down her cheek, but as I expected, she made no attempt to answer me. The look in her eyes was smoldering.

I leaned forward and licked her ear lobe, whispering, "Patience, my dear".

I purposely overlooked the shudder that ran the length of her body as my breath went through her ear and into her mind.

For the next fifteen minutes or more, I played with her, rubbing my hands all over her, licking various parts of her, and whispering thoughts into her ears.

Her resolve was amazing. It seemed to me that she was set in stone right where she was. I knew that keeping her at the ragged edge of the game would offer us both the most reward, so I decided it was time to turn up the heat.

I started by nibbling on her breasts, crossing over the nipples as I slid my teeth over them from edge to edge. The nipples rose to the occasion, but I could hardly hold that against her since it was beyond reasonable body control.

I wrapped my arms around her body and dragged my fingernails along her spine, pushing for any reaction or motion. Her body was now a mass of goose bumps. Her eyes danced across my face when I looked at her, as if they needed to find some opening into my thoughts.

I wrapped both hands around the cheeks of her ass and pulled them upward and outward, hearing the moisture in her pussy as her lips pulled apart. A deep shudder went through her.

"You're doing so well, babe", I whispered, continuing to play with her ass, and pressing my chest tightly against her own, "You're such a good girl".

To be continued...

sportsfan362436 47F

7/21/2005 11:45 am

I feel as tho I am sitting in the room with you both.... watching.... yearning. Awaiting to see what happens next...

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