The mind, part 2.  

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The mind, part 2.

I could feel the muscles in her ass flexing slightly as I continued to whisper into her ear and rub my body against hers. I placed her hand over the shaft of my hard cock and whispered into her ear "Do you see what you do to me"?

I made a point of not removing my hand from hers until I had made it clear that she was not to move her hand. She complied, though on several occasions as I continued to whisper naughty things to her, I could feel her reacting to my own throbbing and reactive tensings.

The pressure was intensifying in both of us quickly. Our breathing changed, almost matching. The sounds of us both taking in heavy breaths told me that now was the time.

I lifted her, placing one hand under her shoulders, the other behind her knees, and carried her the short distance to the bed. I layed her down on her back and ran my tongue across her flat belly. She shivered, and I drew back to watch, the smile on my face unmistakable.

I wasted no time then to mount her, holding my hips above hers for a little while, again whispering in her ear.

"I'm going to enter you. I'm going to slide my cock into your pussy and I'm going to fuck you. You know it's coming."

I leaned back from her face just long enough to run my fingers along her cheekbone. "I want to watch your eyes. Open them."

They opened, heavily-lidded, the need in them clear. The urgency made me smile, and I caught her blushing just a little. I kissed her lips again and she made no attempt to move, though I could feel tension throughout her body.

I slid myself down between her legs and let the head of my cock brush her pussy lightly, slowly. "You're doing so well, babe", I whispered against her cheek, "So well... You just stay still and let me have what I want, my way, and you'll see in my eyes how much you please me".

Without warning, I arched my hips and pressed the tip of my cock between her pussy lips. I went in just enough, and held there, intentionally flexing my manhood and releasing it. Her next several breaths caught in her throat. Once she had grown a little more accustomed to the sensation, I began a painfully slow descent until I was fully inside her, which took a full two to three minutes.

Several times during my descent, I felt her pulsing, heard her breath catch, and held where I was at until her urge to cum subsided enough that I could continue without getting her off. Once I was deep inside, I wrapped both arms down under her lower back and pulled her up to me, squeezing another quarter inch of myself inside her.

I can't say which was more intense for her, the pressure pulling her onto my cock, or that extra little bit of me inside her, but she was dangerously close, and so was I. I didn't want it to end so soon, and having her right here at this point was so magical I wanted to savor it.

After several minutes of kissing her ears and mouth, nibbling on her lips and cheeks, she began to rock, lifting her hips everso slightly. I had her right where I needed her to be to really let the animal sensuality in her loose.

Instead of stopping, I grabbed her even more firmly under her lower back, and pulled her against me so hard that even her slight bucking caused no friction. As I expected, she suddenly stopped the rocking, no doubt thinking I was going to pull out and make her wait again.

Instead, I leaned in close to her ear again and whispered, "You like that cock? You want that cock moving in and out of your pussy? You want me to fuck you"?

The pleading look in her eyes was a treasure I'll never forget. At that moment, we needed one another in ways you'd never think as a person you could need anyone else. There was so much to the sexual side of it, and yet, nothing sacrificed from the sensuality in trade.

"You want my cock, you need to come and get it."

No more words were necessary. Her hips came off the bed as she tried to move on me. I held her tightly, forcing her to struggle as hard as she could to get any friction at all where we needed it.

In seconds, it was like a storm had entered the room. Her lust and mine comingled, and as much as I wanted to just let go of her and let her fuck me into a mindblowing orgasm, I was enjoying watching her come alive too much.

When she found new motions that gave her more friction, I found new ways to prevent them from getting her anywhere, until we were flailing our bodies, locked together, all over the bed.

After about ten minutes of us both throbbing and writhing violently, I pushed her hard down onto the bed with my whole body and stopped her moving with a smoldering glance into her eyes.

"You want this cock? Tell me. Tell me what you want, what you need. Show me how much you desire me in your cunt!"

She became vocal instantly, shouting "Oh, please, master, fuck me! Make me your slut! I want to please you".

The writhing commenced again, only this time, I allowed her a little more motion with every passing minute, until we could stand no more. I pulled out as we both came so hard the entire room seemed to close in around us. Only the two of us existed in the world right then.

I placed her hand on my cock and began stroking my cock with it. She squeezed my shaft unexpectedly, holding back the cum, and used my surprise to distract me while she rolled out from under me. She took my cock into her mouth and swallowed my every drop, slowly suckling the head, and taking it in and out of her throat.

While I bucked and shifted beyond my own control from the pleasure, weakened by the orgasm, she rolled me onto my back and continued. She smiled at me occcasionally, taking a short break from tormenting me with my own nerves before resuming the supersweet licks and sucks that made my whole body tense up and roll beneath her.

I pulled her pussy over my mouth and tormented her the same way she was tormenting me, making her cum several times more over the next several minutes as my hardness subsided in her mouth. Ten minutes of that, and we were both so spent, she collapsed down onto me, turning on her way down until we were face-to-face, kissed me deeply, and sat back just enough to look into my eyes.

"Mine", I said firmly.

She answered with a deep, satisfied sigh, and the look of a woman newly released, in her eyes.

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7/22/2005 4:28 pm

I love the way you write.. not only can I imagine 'seeing' this take place... but ... I found my breath catching in my throat as well.
*blows kiss*

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