How to fuck me, part 4.  

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8/7/2005 8:17 am

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How to fuck me, part 4.

(Words inside parenthesis) = Thoughts.
"Words inside quotation marks" = Spoken words.
[Words inside block parenthesis] = Sensations.
+Words inside plus signs+ = Actions.

+Randomly caressing your skin in different spots, no particular pattern. Licking your neck and throat as we lay there cuddling, playing with you, sliding my cock against your leg, pulling your arms under you and holding them there as I tease your sensitized pussy with my mouth, only making contact when and where I klnow it'll make you buck.+

"Are you ready for more, baby?"

+Perching myself over you, laying my forehead against yours and licking your lips. Sliding my hips forward just enough to put the head of my cock into you.+

"You want me to fuck you, don't you? You want my cock buried in your pussy. Your naughty side is coming out, baby. I can see it in your eyes."

+Lowering myself onto, and into you slowly, carefully, pulling back each time your hips come up off the bed.+

[Feeling your pussy gripping me and releasing me. Feeling your heartbeat against my chest, your breath flowing over my face.]

+Pressing full inside you as far as I can go, stopping there and pressing down harder and softer, keeping my cock deep inside you and smashing your ass down against the sheets with my weight.+

"I know you want more, baby. I know you need it as badly as I do right now. You want this cock, you're going to have to fight for it! Come on now, sugar... Come and fuck my cock!"

+Pulling your hips up with both hands and pressing my full weight down into you as you begin to struggle, holding us together so tightly your best efforts still get very little friction. Enough to keep you wanting more, not enough to satisfy either of us.+

(Here we go... She's on the edge, so close, and yet, so far...)

"That's it, baby... Fight for it! Come on! Squeeze my cock and writhe underneath me! Yessss... That's it. Come and get this cock!"

+Pressing my fingertip against the rim of your ass and feeling your contractions there as I freely move while at the same time preventing you from getting much of any motion at all on my cock. Using the twitches around your ass to know when my cock is rubbing you just the right way and using that information to heighten your sensation tenfold before letting you cum.+

"You want to cum on my cock? I want to feel you when you cum for me, baby! Open your eyes! I want to see them glaze over again!"

+Waiting for you to reach the tension I know is your point of no return and rolling us over to put me on the bottom and you in the cowgirl position, letting you freely ride me, watching, and smiling as you become posessed with passion.+

"Oh, sugar! You're fucking my cock so well! I can feel every bit of your pussy wrapped around my cock. Milk me baby! Yeah! Cum for me, honey! Cum hard!"

+Pressing my cock up into you at a frantic pace, so wrapped up in you, watching you, feeling you, that my own sensation for the moment is playing a distant second fiddle to what I'm doing to you. Waiting until you're in mid-orgasm, as your pussy clenches me so tight you threaten to push me out, then sliding quickly from underneath you and lapping at your cunt with the whole of my tongue. Pressing two fingers up into you and massaging the top and bottom walls of your pussy, milking your gspot as you cum hard.+

"Ohhh yessssss, baby! Cum for me! Let me have your orgasm! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Damn, how you turn me on!"

+Turning the rapid licking into flat-tongued, slow, hard strokes as you writhe and moan, moving from your ass to the tip of your clit and back again as your next orgasm builds before the last one is finished.+

(Her gspot is so swollen again... I can make her squirt again if I play my cards right. Good god, how this little lady comes alive for me!)

To be continued... Again.

sportsfan362436 47F

8/7/2005 10:26 pm

hmmmm *beginning to wonder if every female has the potential to 'squirt'.... and trying to wait patiently for the next 'chapter'*
*smiles, kisses n hugz... checks number of days until October*

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