How to fuck me, part 1.  

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How to fuck me, part 1.

How to fuck me.

(Words inside parenthesis) = Thoughts.
"Words inside quotation marks" = Spoken words.
[Words inside block parenthesis] = Sensations.
+Words inside plus signs+ = Actions.

"Don't hurry. I want to watch you bare yourself for me, and to me. That's it. Take your time."

+Sitting back in my chair, crossing my legs and resting my chin between my thumb and forefinger, relaxed, attentive.+

(Fantastic. Soft. Smooth. Healthy. Radiant.)

"I can't imagine why you would hurry through such a wonderful show as this."

[Growing tension. A light throbbing between my loins. Anticipation building.]

"Do you have any idea how sexy you are? How much I already want you, right now? In time, I'll be inside you. But first, I want to enjoy your presence alone."

+Watching the slight upturn at the corners of your mouth. Seeing your slight blush cascading over your entirety.+

(She's nervous, but the look in her eyes says she wants this as much as I do. My god, she's so hot, and she has no idea.)

"Turn, slowly for me. Don't try to *make* it sexy. Just let it be you, yourself, the *real* you."

(She's like a first-timer, timidity being slowly overcome by her desires. Desire to please me, desire to open herself to new things, desire to be a *good* girl. Intriguing.)

"Do you know what you're doing to me? How much you're pleasing me? How much you're turning me on right now? I want you to know how much my world is centered right here and now, on you."

+Unzipping my pants to relieve the pressure. Unbuttoning them, eventually sliding them down my legs and off of my feet as my boxers are tented upward, pulsing and flexing at random as I watch you.+

"You're such a good girl. You know more than you let on, don't you? So sexy, so willing to oblige my desires, so completely *here*, while I watch you."

"Come over here. Bring yourself to me. Show me all of you."

+Watching every step, waiting patiently as you cross the room. Taking your hands as you reach my chair and guiding you to sit between my knees, facing away from me. Leaning forward, downward, turning your head all the way to the side and kissing your mouth sensually. Running my fingers through your long, soft locks. Occasionally gripping some of your hair to create a little friction and give it a gentle pull.+

[Your cool hair on my knees, your body's warmth against my shins and calves, your heartbeat visible in your breasts over your shoulders.]

+Gripping a handful of the ends of your hair and teasing it against your forehead, your neck, your shoulders, your breasts, watching the nipples come to life at the featherlight sensation+

"Keep your hands on the floor, sugar. This is *my* time to play. To explore. To appreciate."

+Taking your breasts in both of my hands and rolling them, pressing the nipples in against themselves, running my forearms softly against the sides of your pulsing throat as my hands explore your upper body. Leaning forward to feel your soft soft belly, running my hands over your skin from shoulder to hip and back again. So soft. So, so soft.+

"You, my dear... Are you my pet? Do you have the desire to please me, to be owned by me, to be fucked my me? To feel this cock inside you, and to know you're the one who is making me shudder and tremble with sensation?"

+Pulling my boxers and shirt off, rubbing my cock against the top of your shoulder, through your soft hair, along your neck and jawline.+

(I could spend a lifetime, right here, exploring the subtle nuances of this moment, these sensations, the woman that is *you*.)

[Throbbing, pulsing, occasional hair falling over my lap, teasing my cock, making me want more, more, more.]

To be continued...

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MMmm..... running off to read part two... *flashing a smile over my shoulder, and blowing a kiss*

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