Hints for non-orgasmic women.  

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7/12/2005 5:54 pm

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Hints for non-orgasmic women.

I believe that a lot of women don't have orgasms because they don't know themselves and their own bodies well enough to cause themselves to cum when they're with a partner.

Try this sometime and let me know what you thought of it, as feedback is always a good thing.

Have your man lay flat on his back, and just play with him however YOU want to. If you want to twist his nipples, do it. if you want to suck his cock, do that. Do what YOU want to do for a while. Even if what makes you hot is stuffing your bra with goose feathers and doing a bad Mae West impersonation.

Once you've satisfied your curiousities, and YOU'RE ready, climb up on him and ride his cock, just the way YOU want it. Ask him to just hold still, or maybe maintain a specific posture you find erotic.

For this exercise, YOUR sensations are what matters. Forget about his for a little while and tend to your own. Find the depth, speed, rhythm or lack thereof. If you slide down on him and at one specific point the sensation is suddenly overbearing, don't be afraid to stop in midstroke and enjoy it for a minute or two.

The idea here is to find out for yourself what makes you cum when you're with somebody else. And if you're worried about how he'll react, don't stress. I haven't met a man yet who didn't enjoy watching his partner ride him to their own bliss.

This is also a great exercise for couples to get to know how to REALLY please the one they're with. Take it as far as you want. When you've found your orgasmic groove, show him some appreciation for the experience.

Try other things, not just penetration. Try oral while you instruct him, or find another way to lead him to do what truly makes you melt. Try a fantasy you haven't tried yet. Try whatever pops into your head. In short, if it feels good, try it and find out just HOW GOOD!

Enjoy, and feedback is appreciated!


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