Dominant exploits, entry 1.  

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Dominant exploits, entry 1.

This is entry 1 in my dominant exploits diary. The names of the girls have been changed so that only they know who they really are, as will the names of the other participants in future postings. Some small details have also been altered in keeping with my ideal of discretion.

The two of them met me in an out of the way bar across town. One of them knowing what she was getting herself into, the other unwittingly headed for her first menage a trois.

We sat there and had a few drinks, exchanging small talk between the three of us. It became apparent how competitive these two best friends were, and I immediately began formulating a plan to use that competitiveness to our advantage.

Within a few minutes, we were openly discussing our own sexual exploits, and as expected, the two were one-upping one another with each new story. I played along casually, thoroughly enjoying them bring up memories and fantasies that I knew had them both stuck to their seats under the table.

Lisa had run short of stories after Jennifer detailed an encounter with four men at one time. I could see it in her eyes she had nowhere to go from that one, but letting Jennifer win so soon just seemed wrong.

I rescued her, immediately and agressively assuming the lead role in the conversation.

"And the next thing you know, we were sitting next to, rather than across from, each other, our hands working deftly under the table. Exploring each other from ribacges to knees. Just as the waiter approached to take out order, I slid an Altoid inside her panties and drove it home with two fingers..."

I had their undivided attention as I continued in detail, right down to the look of urgency in her eyes as the mint began to melt. Both of them developed slight squirms and I began the first steps of the plan.

It was clear that the two had silently agreed that Jennifer had won, and so I chose Lisa to be the first to cum that night. I went to the bar and ordered another round, and slyly ducked into the seat next to her when I came back to the table. Jennifer looked perplexed, a look I knew would come back many times tonight.

In that darkened corner of the bar, I reached down and gripped the whole of Lisa's swollen labia in the cup of my hand. I gave her no warning, and no quarter, as her panties wetted my hand.

I shook her lips firmly before pulling her panties to one side and sliding two fingers inside her. Her gasp, and the suckling sound of her wet cunt being invaded by my fingers caught Jennifer completely off guard, and her face went from a casual smile to a look of sheer curiousity. at that moment, i knew I had them both.

I felt for her g-spot and massaged it firmly as my thumb caressed the hood of her clit. I could feel her begin to twitch as the massage became overpowering, and backed off just enough to keep her interested, yet unsatisfied.

Jennifer was beginning to lose patience, as evidenced by the look in her eyes, and the fact that she began forcing herself to look away from us. The slight stumbles in the turning of her head, coinciding with the sounds of my fingers sliding in, out, and around Lisa's hot cunt gave her away. Suddenly, I stood up and paused until I had both of these sensual girls looking into my eyes for some clue as to what would come next.

I sat back down, this time next to Jennifer, and without any prelude, slid my hand up her short skirt. I was surprised to find the small vibrating bullet she had mentioned in one of her stories inside her, but recovered quickly enough that Lisa had no idea what i had discovered.

I stood again and walked in front of Lisa, taking her hand and silently guiding her to stand before me. I planted a kiss on her neck and whispered of my desire for her into her ear. As her head began to lean backward to expose more of her neck, I whispered in her ear that I needed to talk Jennifer privately, and told her to go to the bar and get us a couple more drinks, even though not one of us had sipped more than a taste from the ones we had in front of us.

Looking somewhat peeved, she stepped back from me and began to say something. I covered her mouth with mine, kissed her deeply, and told her not to argue with me. She hushed instantly, but stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. "I promise you a night you'll never forget, and one to give us all something to shock and amaze the next time we're sharing our stories." I whispered into her ear, emphasizing the words promise, night, never, shock, amaze, and sharing with just enough volume I knew Jennifer could hear them, all the while looking into her eyes and seeing their effect. Jackpot.

Once Lisa had stepped away, I demanded the remote to the egg. Jennifer argued, saying she didn't have it with her, and had only brought the toy along because she assumed she'd be the only one of us going home alone. The look in her eyes told me she was lying, and I know she knew I saw it clearly.

I put one finger against her lips, hushing her, and smiled into her bright gaze. As her own scent filled her nostrils, I made my demand again, this time, telling her that she really didn't want me to ask for it LOUDLY with so many people in earshot.

It was in my hand in seconds without further argument. The look on her face was one of resignation as I toyed with the two buttons casually, waiting for Lisa to return.

All the while, i held her gaze. Twice now, she had clutched the sides of the table tightly and started to look away, and twice I had threatened her that I would stop the instant her eyes left mine. Only the first time did I need to back up the argument.

Lisa came back with a fresh round of drinks and immediately asked what was up with the staring contest. Neither of us responded, as the staring continued, and Jennifer began to blush visibly.

To be continued...

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7/13/2005 10:52 pm

Mmmmm..... I'm trying to wait patiently for the next entry... *sitting on edge of seat*.
Your writing is impressive... *S*

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