Things have been a bit quiet......  

DomSub4fun2006 47M/44F
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9/9/2006 4:27 am
Things have been a bit quiet......

But we haven't stopped having fun, it's just S is busy with a new business venture, and this makes it harder to meet without pre-arranging sometimes as much as a week in advance!!


If your interested, and want to find out more about us, we are always ready to chat, either on or fone, and then you can see that we are genuine (always a problem on here with so many timewasters!!).

If your a man posing as a woman or a man posing as a warned!!! we may report your profile, as we have had enough of people that claim that 'both' parties are up for fun, when in fact there isn't and probably never was a couple to be seen!!!

Ok, rant over, if your genuine, we would love to hear from you............

A & S

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