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3/8/2005 6:32 am

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Now, I usually don't tell too many sex tales here, but, I was thinking about Heike last night. (remember? Her German 18, Me G.I. 3. She taught me ROMANTIC sex sorta late in life. Don't get me wrong I STILL like a good ol' Fun Fuck, whamming Mr. Happy into a willing babe fulfilling her play fantasy. But, as I got older I found I derived MUCH more pleasure from making the female partner satisfied! Our first time together, I was drooling like a stud stallion because I knew it was about to happen. Heike had a soft, melodic voice that was very much like that actress from South Africa, the blonde, back in the sixies movies, I can't recall just now (played Elvis' girlfriend in "GI Blues"..damn memory)! Only, when she was 'aroused' it became coarse whispers, almost gravelly! Animalisic! Mmmm! When climbed into the ol' sackaroo and she pulled up real close. And became very didactic! "I know you are excited" (testing her grip on my firm 'reality'!) but, we HAVE all night, so let's TAKE all night!" This was the most sexually profound utterance ever directed at me! Soooooo, we did! Endless foreplay which I use to feel was an obstacle to immediate Refreshment : / AFTERWARD and EVER SINCE, I've relished it. I receive greater pleasure in making the woman PHYSICALLY satisfied than myself! To put it in context, here's an Old Joke ,but, I have to relate it!:

A redneck walks into a bar in mid-afternoon. No one is there but a slender Brunette bartender and a Gorgeous Blonde patron. Perking up, the redneck tells the bartender he wants to buy the Blonde a drink. The bartender just Laughs and says OK. This confuses the redneck who procedes to sit next to the Blonde. "Hey, Honey, I've got ya drink coming"! She replies dryly "Thank you. But, I don't think it is going to get you what you want"! The redneck is confused. "What do ya mean"? Just then, a Stunning Red Head walks in and sits at the other end of the bar. The Blonde says "BECAUSE I'm a LESBIAN". The Redneck scratches his head, "What do MEAN , Miss"? The Blonde replies "Well, see that girl who just walked in? I would like to Suck Her Tits, Lick Her Ass and Eat Her Pussy!!! THE REDNECK IMMEDIATELY BEGINS TO >CRY<! The Blonde says " My God, What's wrong with You?? The Redneck, sniffling, replies "I GUESS I"M ONE TOO!"

Well, I Guess I'm ONE ALSO!!!

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