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6/4/2005 11:32 pm

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I have visited this site many times before, but never wanted to put any info up. I know that my hubby has been here too (that's how I found this place to start with). However, since joining the AdultFriendFinder I wonder if I should have. Here's my problem, I have a fantasy of having a 3-some with hubby. But I don't know how to bring up the subject without making it sound like he isn't enough for me. I have found his info on here (just tongiht actually) and he is wanting the same thing.

rm_bonfireguy 49M

6/6/2005 12:33 pm

I honestly don't think he's going to have a problem with your sex life with him fairly decent? Alot of guys secretly hope or fantasize about this and are afraid to approach their spouse.

Being that you know he's on AdultFriendFinder or that he's been there, it shows he is suggestive to such sexual activities. If you're hot in bed and/or phyisically sexy, maybe he wants to share you or maybe he wants you to please you by letting you enjoy YOUR fantasy.

I honestly don't think you're going to harm his libido and make him think he's not good enough for you.

But thats my take...its just my opinion...and you know what they say about opinions...they are like buttholes...everyone's got one!!! LOL

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