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Djeeper1987 47M
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4/16/2006 5:38 pm

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I can't believe how I put myself thru torture the way I am now.
You got to play it safe, watch out for people.
I haven't had sex since October, 2004. How sad you say? Your telling me. After the last relationship I was in I though for sure she was the one I wanted to spend the rest o fmy life with and have a son or daughter. All the sudden after several months she just stopped talking to me suddenly like if I had passed away or something. Wouldn't return my calls, or even talk to me when I knocked at her place. I was so hurt and mystified by her rash action that I from that point on didn't trust anyone anymore when it came to the matter of love or sex.
I though perhaps I could go celebacy and live a normal life.
Boy was I dead wrong. I am a sexual creature longing for the touch of a woman who could be my friend and if at all possible be a future partner?
But to think I could go this long without sex, I have got to be crazy!!! I really thought I could do it. For the last several months I have been checking out women and thinking god how I would love to touch her and fuck her brains out! Being the gentlemen I am, of course I am not going to be rash. Still moreover, I just can't trust anyone at this time. That being said, it tougher than ever before.
I though perhaps I could find someone on the internet or go to some bars or clubs for some action. I am either told I am too old or they already have someone. So bad timing on my part maybe?
So I keep myself busy with blogging, and talking to others. Working a lot of overtime, and doing my photography, painting...studying! None of it is working. I haven't been sleeping all the well, and wishing to touch a woman.
I guess your wondering I am crazy????? Am I crazy? I feel like I am loosing it in the head?
I get these cloudy headache all the time now.
Wish it was easier to meet a woman and see what could happen or even better if some I have meant on AdultFriendFinder were a lot closer.
All I am going to do is fix some dinner tonight and go to bed earlier. I work tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that and in the hopes it will clear my head and I can feel normal again? Then who said anything is normal anyway?

Carpe Diem

HotSexyGurrrl 40F
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4/23/2006 6:14 pm

AHHHHH 'Normal'.... IS

a setting on the washing machine

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