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7/9/2006 12:05 pm

Finally I gave in and did the silver membership. I was curious as to whom was quoting me from the comments I left.

Anyway, Last Friday I was suppose to take a test for the company I work for and would you believe it. I missed it. I felt so embarrassed.
I thought it would be cool to take the train into San Francisco and take the 6:58 which I missed by 2 mins. The next train wouldn't come til 7:58. So I am thinking, the test doesn't start til 9am. So I felt I should be ok. The train arrives at 7:58 and so far so good. Then comes 8:40. Wholly shit.
I arrive in San Francisco, ask the person on the street the right way to the office. I said mission st, and I was suppose to go Market. I didn't realize I was going the wrong way til I arrived to the correct block and Market was just one more block over.
At this time, it is 8:58. SHIT SHIT SHIT.
I am still several blocks from the office. So I am running, walking fast. And its hotter than hell.
I finally get to the office, I then entered the east wing, and was told to go to the west wing.
I finally arrived and its 9:10. OH FUCK ME.
I asked the security guard if I was too late. So he go to the phone and calls all these different people. Now its 9:25. I knew it was far too late.
What an idiot I am.
So now after all this studying and effort, I have to try again in a couple of weeks. Still yet I feel embarrassed.

BTW, I am gone no longer than a week and everything seems different.

Carpe Diem

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