Between Time and Place  

Djeeper1987 47M
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5/23/2006 8:55 am
Between Time and Place

Between time and place
came this vivid consciousness
of things unalterable
that some, the lucky or
talented, might make
out of the materials at hand
in such a way that
they would last and be seen.

Others thought to work
not with mortar and stone
but with unspeakable cruelty
and human lives: it seemed
so obvious to these fate
might be impressed or
abetted only by slaughter.
No one need mention them –

they compete in all the books.
With their names we greet
and pacify the children.
The same games for centuries –
but they are not gods, not yet –
War artists, revolutionaries,
deathmongers, great men –
The first to become a god wins.

Carpe Diem

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