Almost Friday  

Djeeper1987 47M
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9/7/2006 8:22 pm

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9/9/2006 2:22 pm

Almost Friday

What a headache. I guess from all the studying I have been doing. I am giving my brain a good workout.
Finally catching up on my blog. Sure is a lot of work. I wonder why saintlianna saintlianna turned of her profile?
Hey everyone clitalicious67 Clit still watches cartoon. Ah hell, so do I!
MaggiesWishes Now with Maggie I have taken ton of her thongs from many a raid. I have some of hers for sale!!?
I do believe hornylilgirl78 hornylilgirl78 is tempting me. I just might take her up on it. She does look delicious!!
Oh don't forget SingleNLooking72 SingleNLooking72 needs help with Football 101. I think she is a Jaguar Fan? Not sure entirely.
For me I am a 49er Fan. mwahahahahahahah
Anyway, as many of you know I finally put up a new picture of myself which I took last night Djeeper1987
I think it looks rather good don't you?
All in all is been a quiet evening of blogging.
And tomorrow is Friday!!! Course I have to work Saturday, but who cares going out for a couple of Bass Ales to relax.
Sure wish all you ladies lived closer for a night out on the town.
Oh don't forget to stop by mycin62 mycin62 and comment on her hot new sexy and naughty picture.
And last but not least florallei I do believe florallei well I can't think of anything at this point except she has a pretty cool smile!!
Nite everyone.

Carpe Diem

rm_Wizardesssss 36F
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9/7/2006 9:25 pm

The photo of you is good, wanna take mine?

Wizardesssss ©

Djeeper1987 replies on 9/8/2006 5:04 am:
Be happy to take your pic!


9/8/2006 3:49 am

That's a great pic of you! Quite yummy actually

Djeeper1987 replies on 9/8/2006 5:04 am:
Why thank you!

rm_sexxikritter 52F
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9/8/2006 8:15 am

I would still watch cartoons too, if there were any good ones. All the ones my son watches are too anime for me. I like the good old fashioned ones, like Bugs Bunny and the Flintstones. I used to want to live in a cave house and wear a bone in my hair. The closest I've got to that was a guy who had a boner and bad aim.


Djeeper1987 replies on 9/8/2006 10:50 pm:
You remember the Wonder Friends? Auaqman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, and many others.

What about the twins?

rm_saintlianna 45F
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9/8/2006 10:10 am

    Quoting TXBITCH2006:
    That's a great pic of you! Quite yummy actually
I agree

Its shut off cause off all the crap emails I used to get, creepy and mean ones. I can live without that, believe me.

SingleNLooking72 106F

9/8/2006 1:40 pm

Yes, I do need help....mental help! My dad is the Jaguars fan. Prof Luigi says we're CHEESEHEADS! Can't forget the Colts & Falcons. I guess I'll have to post something asking for suggestions to remember the crazy penalty calls!

Love the new pic! Where'd you find all these hot women? Hell, I'd like some of them to live near me too!

Mz LJ?*

SingleNLooking72 106F

9/8/2006 1:57 pm

[post 500919]

Yes, this is a desperate cry for help. I am so ashamed! If some of you guys (and girls) don't help me, I'm going to have to learn the game from a Danish man! How funny is that? (Luigi & I were just talking about the hilarity of that last week.)

Mz LJ?*

Djeeper1987 replies on 9/8/2006 10:46 pm:
Danish man? Thats just not American? Wait, thats what Osma Bin Laden would say.
Fuck him, just go with it!! OH SHIT, NEVERMIND. mawahahahha

I am just being goofy and silly.

collaredmuff01 52F
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9/8/2006 3:53 pm

Very nice pic!! I'm so glad you came back. We need good men like you

Muffy da Brat

Djeeper1987 replies on 9/8/2006 10:42 pm:
I try to be the best I can be.

happyladychat 47F
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9/8/2006 8:23 pm

Regardless your old photo or this new photo of yours, you look like a descent cool guy. For me, I still haven't the courage to put up mine. *shrug*

Make it your challenge.... turn me ON!!

Djeeper1987 replies on 9/8/2006 10:40 pm:
For the love of who ever, just put it up. Life is too short to worry about what other thinks? However if you private life deisre it, than thats another story!?

PurplePeach72 44F  
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9/9/2006 1:10 am

It's NICE to actually see you around. I hate those gray silohettes soooo much. Thanks for coming to my blog! It's even nicer that I know you're so handsome and sexy. More pics please?
Come on over anytime, Mz LJ's place is right close to our's! How come half of the hotties she shows me are a half a country away!


2375 posts
9/9/2006 11:08 am

Love the pic! And Flo does have an awesome smile, doesn't she! Don't study too hard, you'll get brain fog.

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