first experience with a dominant female  

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11/13/2005 1:45 pm

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first experience with a dominant female

We met online, and she suggested me meet at a bar close to
her place. I was so scared and excited - all at the same time.
I'd never been with another woman and was ready to live out
my fantasies. I wore what she told me to wear. No panties,
a skirt, heels and a low-cut blouse. I was kind of self-conscious
on the way over to the bar, what with my 40DD tits pushing
up through my low neckline. The cab driver spent a lot of
the drive peeking at me in the rear view mirror. I got to the
bar at exactly the time we agreed upon, and sat at the bar.
I ordered a drink, lit a cigarette, and waited. After only
a few sips on my gin and tonic, a low female voice behind me
asked, "Are you waiting for anyone in particular?" I turned
around on my barstool, and there stood the most ravishing
woman I have ever seen. Tall, with long dark hair and what
looked like an impressive set of tits. A beautiful face
and full lips painted crimson. I was in lust, andmy juice
started to flow. She sat on the stool beside me, ordered a glass of wine and
looked me up and down. She smiled at me, said, "Very nice?come
with me". She led me to the ladies' room and opened up one
of the stalls. She ordered me to bend over, with my hands
on the back of the john. She stood behind me and gently lifted
my skirt up over my hips. "Oooh? nice ass?" she whispered
just before she slapped it. The slap echoed through the
stall, and my pussy started to wetten up even more. She let
my skirt fall, pulled me up and pushed me up against the door.
Her hand snaked up my leg again, and she nestled her warm
fingers in my slit. She bent her head and licked my left tit
and told me to pull up my shirt and pull my bra down. She started
sucking my hard nipples and started rubbing my clit. My
legs started to shake and I started to moan, close to a nice
slow cum already. She took her hand away, and slapped me
in the face. "Not until I say", she said. She told me to lick my juice off her hand, which I did, and
then she told me we were leaving and going to her place. "Yes
Mistress", I said and she smiled at me. We left the bar without
drinking anymore of our cocktails and she led me to her condo
just around the corner. Once up in her place, she ordered
me to take my skirt and shirt off but to leave my bra and high-heeled
boots on. She then told me to get on the floor and wait until
she came back. I watched her feet as they left the room, encased
as they were in the leather spike heeled boots. I was even
wetter, and eager for her return. A few minutes later she walked back in the room and told
me to raise my head and look at her. My mistress was still
in her boots, but was wearing a black leather corset and
nothing else. Her tits were huge, with big pink nipples.
Her pussy was completely shaved, and I was drooling, just
to get a taste. She had some goodies in her hand, and showed
them to me before she put them down on the floor or onto me.
She affixed a pair of heavy leather manacles to my wrists,
and a collar with a d-ring on it around my throat. She attached
a leash to the collar, and attached the handle to the near-by
table leg. She showed me a large dildo and told me "I'm gonna
fuck you with this, whore", to which I eagerly replied,
"Yes, Mistress". She told me to lie down on my back and to
put my wrists up over my head, and she attached the wrists
restraints to my collar with little leather strips. I was
in heaven and spread my legs without meaning to. She noticed
this and lowered her face down over my steaming slit. "Do
you want me to tongue you, slut?" she asked to which I answered,
"Please mistress". She grinned at me, and lowered her pretty
tongue down and nestled it between my labia and shoved it
up my pussy. I groaned and lifted my mound up to her face and
she lifted her head and tweaked my nipples between her nails.
"I told you, no cumming, not even any noise from you?I guess
you need a gag". She stood up and went into the other room
and came back with a thick leather belt. She pushed the leather
in my mouth and buckled it tight behind my head. She took the leash off the table leg and ordered me to follow
her into the other room on my knees. She led me into her bedroom,
and ordered me up on the bed. She then spread my legs and tied
my ankles to the bedposts with more of the leather strips
and retied the strips on my wrists to the upper bedposts.
She had grabbed the dildo from the other room and said "Well,
bitch?you're wet and horny, aren't you? I'm gonna shove
all 9 inches of this into you, and you're gonna take it all".
She gripped the huge cock and jammed it into my pussy. Oh,
the sheer ecstasy! I gripped it with my muscles, not wanting
the feeling to end while she started biting my nipples and
pinching them. I was in heaven, and then she said she was
going to have me eat her out. "You'd better do it right, or
you're not going to come", she threatened me. I was eager
to tongue her, and by the time she removed the belt from my
mouth and squatted over my face I thought I would cum again.
I had to concentrate on not cumming very hard. She started
frigging my pussy with the dildo as my tongue snaked out
and tasted her for the first time. She was soaking wet and
tasted sweet. I started gently lapping at her clit and she
moaned. "Good slave?you lick momma good?" I started licking
her labia and finally my tongue found her hole. I pushed
my tongue inside her and she moaned louder. "That's right?good
bitch". I was in heaven with this delicious pussy in my mouth
and her still fucking me with the dildo. She roughly pulled
it out, and I felt her mouth on me. She told me I could come,
and I needed no more encouragement. I spewed into her mouth
as I licked her pussy. She moaned along with me. She got off the bed, turned to me and said, "I'm not done
with you slut?I'll be right back". She returned to the bedroom
with an impressive double-headed dildo. She kneeled between
my legs and pushed one end of the cock into her. She arched
her back and sighed. She didn't say a word as she then leaned
over and untied my ankles. She pulled my legs up over her
hips and stuffed the cock deep inside me. I started moaning
immediately. It felt so good, and seeing this vixen fucking
me sent me beyond ecstasy. She leaned down and ordered me
to suck her nipples. They were rock hard nubs and I pulled
them between my lips in time with her vicious pussy pounding.
She started pumping harder and she put her hand between
our pussies so that she could frig my clit and hers at the
same time. I came harder than I ever had before, and she came
right after I started. My orgasm just kept building and
she fucked it right out of me. She pulled the dildo out of me as I lay quivering on the bed.
"Good slave? But I'm still not done with you?"

6ft34u 58M
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11/16/2005 1:37 pm

one word.. WOW!!! nothin more!!

brwneyedguync 64M

11/29/2005 1:50 pm

Wow... what a great story..and a great storyteller... I do not know if this is true or not...but in any event, Ms Dixie is one hot lady....thanks for allowing me into your world...

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