Men can Tease too  

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11/27/2005 11:47 am

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Men can Tease too

We've been seeing each other for a while, but haven't had sex very many times. It's Friday night and we've agreed to meet at a bar to decide where to go for dinner and entertainment that night. I'm standing at the bar with a beer when you walk up behind me. I feel a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around me and you lean down and softly say in my ear, "what a nice piece of ass I see here." I attempt to turn around to give you a welcoming hug, but you continue to hold me, slightly pushing your pelvis into my soft, full ass cheeks. Your strength and warmth are comfortable, so I relax back into you. Your arms shift slightly to wrap around me more. What I don't realize is that this action on your part makes my tits shift up and together slightly, giving you a glimpse of my cleavage down my shirt. We chat for a couple of minutes when the bartender approaches us to take your drink order. You casually lean forward to put one hand on the bar. This forces me to lean forward slightly and your arm that is still around me also slides up a bit. You smile at the bartender and ask him what beers they have available. You shift a bit more, as if you are trying to get a little closer to the bartender to hear what he is saying, which forces me to let more of my upper body weight rest on your arm that is around me. As the bartender is answering, you catch his eye, flick your eyes to my now exposed cleavage, look back at him and smile. He grins back and, since the bar isn't busy, leans on the bar himself to get more comfortable. I've been looking around the bar until now, totally oblivious to the show you are engineering. I happen to glance at the bartender just as he is looking at the tops of my soft, white tits. You chuckle as you feel me stiffen, knowing that I'm embarrassed, waiting to see what I do. Blushing furiously, I try to nonchalantly lean back a bit and stand up straight. Your arm tightens and you lean forward a bit more, letting me know that I am trapped and will not be allowed to stand until you wish for me to. You are looking at the bartender and grinning while you do this, so he knows that he has your permission to look as much as he likes. He doesn't bother to hide his looks any longer and the two of you draw out your conversation, enjoying my blushes and slight squirmings to be released. You finally place your order, whisper in my ear, "nice show, ," and stand up. I'm so embarrassed that I try to move away a bit. You keep one arm around me while you slide a bar stool closer for you to sit on. You sit on the edge of it, pull me closer to you, standing between your legs so that one ass cheek is resting against your pelvis. You let your hand slide to my hip and position me, letting me know that you WILL NOT ALLOW me to regain my composure or do what I want to. Your hand now slides under my jacket and shirt, touching the bare skin of my back and waist. You softly, gently run your hand and fingers around the curve of my waist, up to the bottom of my rib cage, then back to my back and around to my waist again. The warmth of your hand and gentle circular motion is comforting and you feel me relax into it. The bartender brings your drink, smiles at you and says, "there's no charge for this one. I appreciated the show." You laugh as you see me struggling to not look at him while I blush again. He walks away and you lean down and nuzzle my neck. I gasp as I feel your goatee tickle my neck and feel your lips brush my ear. I feel you smile and know that you are enjoying this tremendously. "I know how wet you are getting from this. And I also know you KNOW I am twitching from watching you." Just when I thought I couldn't be more embarrassed! I squirm a little, recognizing the truth of your words.
Still smiling, and feeling very pleased with yourself, you reach across me to get your drink. You realize that, if you move your drink a little more to the side, you can rub your arm against my tits as you pick it up and put it down. You take a sip, put your drink down, and rest your hand against the bar as if you are fiddling with your glass. I feel the pressure of your arm against my tits, exciting me, but not touching me in the manner I wish. I reach to the bar for my beer, take a sip and put it down again. As I have moved, I have rubbed my tits against your arm, causing more excitement and wanting. You feel my nipples pop up and again lean to nuzzle my neck. As you feel me working hard to control my need to squirm and moan, you stop to whisper in my ear, . Since those nipples are poking my arm, I think they want some attention. What do you think?" I softly moan, knowing that you're really not asking for my opinion. "Your tongue and mouth would be very nice attention," I whisper back to you. "No," you say. "You tried to stop my show by standing up. ." I can feel how pleased you are, hear the satisfaction in your voice, and feel my pussy getting wetter while my nipples get harder. "Take another drink of your beer while I decide what your punishment is for trying to move away from me." I know better than to protest, so pick up my beer and take a sip. You start to chat about other matters, telling me every couple of minutes to take another drink, and I start to relax again. The feeling of my tits sliding across your arm when I move keeps my nipples hard and arouses me more and more. You continue to let your hand roam along my bare skin, enjoying my softness. As soon as you feel that the tension is almost gone, you smile again. "I've just decided how you will be punished. You will be taking my hard cock ." You feel me tense up again and chuckle, knowing you have caused my pussy to spasm. "Please, I..." I start to say. "Stop!" you say, squeezing my waist with your hand. " You will not be allowed to cum until I have fully entered you, no matter how much you plead. Please feel free to continue to argue or attempt to change my mind. I will just come up with more punishments for you. You know I don't mind it and it's actually making my cock twitch again in the hopes that you will! You are nothing but a cum toy, MY cum toy, and you need to realize this."
We finish our drinks, you chatting away as if you don't feel my tension, my anxiety, about the night. You walk me to my car and, with a gentlemanly flourish, open my door and grab my back cushion from my seat. "Here, sweetie, let me help you," you say as I get into the car. I lean forward to let you place the cushion between my back and the seat. As I do, you grab my tit, catching my nipple between your thumb and finger, firmly pinching it. I stop, not understanding what it is you want. "Go ahead and sit back," you tell me, smiling in pleasure at this new set-up. I start to sit back and stop, realizing you are not allowing your hand to move back as I do. "I said to go ahead and sit back," you state very firmly. I look at you with the beginnings of fear in my eyes. I now realize that you want me to pull away, to cause myself pain, just because you enjoy seeing me doing it to myself, doing it because I can't afford any more punishments tonight. I sit back as far as I can while you increase the pressure on my nipple. I moan in pain, letting you know that you have proven, again, that I am only a toy to you. You let go of my nipple to allow me to sit completely and softly kiss my cheek. "You were such a good girl," you say,

rm_RobertSmiles 62M

12/2/2005 5:25 pm

Excellent. Do you believe in lust at first sight or do I have to walk by again? Smiles.

Wonderful imagination.....or was it?

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