The Kitchen Table  

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11/9/2005 7:39 am

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The Kitchen Table

He reached around me caressing my full breasts, squeezing them, massaging his hands into them erotically. I felt his heated kisses wet my neck. One of his hands ventured from my breasts down my stomach reaching for my pants. I paid him no mind, losing myself in ecstasy as he unsnapped and unzipped my jeans. His hand found it's way inside my jeans. My heated mound instantly warmed his cool touch.
"I want to fuck you from behind." He whispered in my ear as his tongue toyed with my lobe. I moaned with desire as my passion burned deep within my pussy. Feeling the tingling sensation shoot through my body I felt my cheeks burn red. He pushed me over the top of the kitchen table immediately taking my breath away.
With both hands he roughly pulled my jeans down, and with a swift kick they slid across the tile floor. His hands parted my ass, and without a thought I separated my legs letting him enter into my hot tight pussy easier. Slowly he pushed into me, moaning I felt my pussy walls wrap around the girth of his cock. With his feet on the inside of mine I felt sensations surge through my body. He thrusted once... then twice and with a sudden action he withdrew. Gasping at the surprise I felt a little disappointed, briefly. With his cock in hand and his other hand separating my ass cheeks he teased the hole. I bit my lower lip anticipating what was coming next. Slowly he toyed with the entrance of my ass, slipping the tip of his cock. I carefully backed into him feeling the pressure of his cock press against the outer rim of my ass. What seemed like minutes, but were only seconds, his cock was in my ass, thrusting hard. Faster and faster the pace went with both of his hands on my shoulders. The table underneath me moved across the floor to the sway of my body. I moaned... groaned... and lost myself in the ride. Harder and harder he fucked me, my body pushing back against his cock, gasping and groaning loud. Both of us riding the other hard, not able to get enough of the experience. I feel my body tense as I start to climax. His cock swelled inside me and with an explosion of noise and movement we cum. Hot sticky cum filled my ass and while my own cum filled my pussy. My desire... the heat that burns within me... drives me and I scream at him "MORE".
He chuckled at the request. He leans down on my back. For the first time I can feel the sweat that each of us formed from our quick ride. He slips his arms around mine and brings me up off the table massaging my breasts, nippling at my neck with cock still deep inside me ass.
"Yes, my love." He whispers. Trapped by his spell of seduction I close my eyes knowing the experience will linger on...

His fingers brushed my stomach searching for my pussy. His fingers were warm to the touch as he started to rub my clit as he gently thrusted his cock into my ass. I whimpered with delight closing my eyes, letting him take my body as he pleased, touching me erotically. Feeling my body calm, I felt my body tingle with desire to climax. I moaned, softly. Just as I was about to climax his finger left my clit searching for my pussy.
Barely able to breath out the words, I said, "K.e.e.p. r.u.b.b.i.n.g. " His tongue pressed against my neck as he sucked on the nape and his fingers lightly touched and flicked my clit... over and over. Thrusting harder, feeling his cum seep from my ass, old familiar sensations took over my body. His body pressing against mine, the smell of his sweat, his touch, his thrust, his cock swelling, the movement of his balls against my legs, the fire swelled burning out of control, I climaxed yet again. Panting hard I leaned forward. His powerful arm held me against him. My legs quivered, weak he withdrew his cock from me.
"Oh..." I begged him, "Please don't stop."
Sitting me down in the chair he knelt before me on the floor.
"I'm won't." He smiled.
He parted my legs staring intently at my pussy flowering before him. His cheeks redden with desire as he separated my swollen pussy lips. He leaned forward, and I felt his hot wet tongue lick my clit in one long stroke. I jumped with delight, gasping loudly. Without any mercy he started to lick hard and fast... I jumped each time his tongue touched my sensitive clit. I slip down to the chairs edge with legs twitching he inserted a finger... a single finger into my wet ass. It sent me up and over with the lapping of his tongue. I grab his head, pulling at his hair as my body tensed and I cummed. He stopped for a brief moment. Just as my body started to calm without warning he pressed his tongue hard against my perked clit. I screamed as my body tensed and I cummed again.
"STOP, STOP" I begged him.
He chuckled, "you wanted more." He teased.
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11/9/2005 8:36 am

Have we met? Thanks again for your erotic "touch"!

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11/10/2005 8:42 am

I love it when it's hot!

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