The Hard Back Chair  

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The Hard Back Chair

You are sitting in a hard back chair, naked, with your arms tied down by your sides. You can’t move them. The music is playing softly in the background. I stand before you, dressed in a sheer black revealing dress. My body starts move in very erotic and seductive way to the music. I close my eyes, enjoying the moment and rub my hand down from my neck over my breasts to my stomach. I slowly start to pull the dress up to reveal my white thighs; you lick your lips anticipating my next move. I release the dress and slowly move my hands back up my body from my stomach up over my breasts to my neck again, all moving slowly to the beat of the music. I reach behind me and start to unzip the dress, moving one thin sleeve off a shoulder, then the other letting the dress fall to the floor revealing black basque and panties… I move closer and you can smell my perfume and feel the heat of my body. I place my hands by your head on the back of the chair, leaning down I kiss you on your lips, hard, but with no tongue. I slowly move back with my eyes fixed on your and start to undo my basque throwing it to one side, then I step out of my panties and throw them at you hitting you in the face. You can smell me on them but they fall quickly to the floor before you can catch them with your teeth. I place one of my feet between your legs on the chair to reveal my pussy, glistening in the candle light. You watch intently as I run my fingers along my pussy. You see that my juices are already flowing and watch hungrily as I lick my fingers sucking the juices from them. I then rub my pussy again and then wipe the tips of them along your lips. I dance more, moving closer to you. I bend over you and place my hands on the chair’s back rubbing my breasts in your face but before you can lick I pull away. I turn around and wave my ass at you, still dancing to the music. I turn slowly, taunting you with my bare body and kneel on the floor, creeping slowly toward you as I watch you become arouse. I open your legs a little so I can get your balls with my hands and mouth. I can feel the sack start to contract as I lick and your cock twitch against my face as I lick and suck on your balls. As I start to suck you groan, I pull off and stand up and slap you across the face. I put a finger to my lips and say ‘sssshhhh’. I draw my nails down your chest and lick and bite at your nipples. You bite your lip to keep from moaning with pleasure. I move behind you and lay the chair down slowly so that you are able to look up. I stand over you with each of my feet on either side of your head. You can see my pussy clearly and the juices gleaming and inviting. I start to lower my pussy down towards your mouth and you start to lick your lips, longing for a taste of my juices. I stop just within reach of your tongue and let my juices drip down onto your tongue, it is warm and taste good. I move a little closer and let you lick, once, then twice and as you do a third time I stand up. I move the chair back up and straddle myself on your lap and lower down onto your hard hot cock. I slowly take you inside me. You can feel how hot I am, and my wetness surrounds your cock and you nearly let out a slight gasp. I slowly move back and forth on you, enjoying your cock in my hot pussy. I kiss you hard and passionately, long and deep. My tongue reaches deep into your mouth as I start to move harder and faster. My body starts to react to your hardness deep inside me and you can feel me starting to shudder as the moment of release approaches. I grind hard against you, not caring about your pleasure, but only my own. You start to feel your orgasm too and can do nothing but surrender to me. We start to cum together and I dig my nails into your shoulders, still grinding my hips hard into yours, trying to get you as deep inside me as I can. We finally climax, cumming hard, we are now breathless and gasping, together.
© Alia 2005

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10/17/2005 10:04 am

o to be tortured by you, i'll be your sub anyday.

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10/18/2005 7:46 am

Mountain Trip to the Heavens
Chapter One - We go to the movies
We decide to go to the movies late this Tuesday night. We find the worst movie being offered knowing that at this late hour there will be very few people there and we could have some privacy.

You have decided to wear a long black skirt and a blouse of silk with provocative cleavage in front in addition to a long black cloak that covers all of your beautiful and sexy body so that your Man is proud of how you look. I am wearing my favorite black pants and shirt which is opened 3 buttons down.

We arrive at the last movie just as the movie is starting and we choose the last row at the back because we can observe with great clarity if we are being seen when we are doing our love and as we are doing it.

As we get to our seats, you remove the cloak and proceed to sit down. All of this time I do not take my eyes off of that alluring fantastic cleavage as I admire those lush melons, so surging and appetizing in that tight blouse with my eyes being lost in these marvelous breasts of this astonishing Lady.

While we see the movie, that certainly is horrible, and being in the dull lights, our mouths initiate contact with each other as our tongues fight to be introduced to the mouth of the other and as a desiring lady you permit my tongue to enter, after passing the message with your tongue that you desire me.

My hands commence contact and travel up and around your exquisite legs and in a short time, pulling your skirt up to your knee and being pleasantly astonished that you are not wearing any stockings. This allows me to have the palms and fingers of my hands sensing the sensation and enjoyment of the softness and gentleness of this beautiful and wonderful Lady’s luscious skin.

While we continue kissing, you slide your hand to my legs to be able to touch and feel my penis under my pants. To your gratification and satisfaction, you find that it is already beginning to become aroused as you begin touching my hard and firm thighs.

While my hands go even higher each time on those rich and luscious thighs, you open slightly your legs and my excitement grows upon arriving where there should be panties, I find you that you do not have anything under your skirt! With that, my penis throbs painfully as my fingers initiate a tasty lick in your rich pussy, which I found very wet.

My mouth smoothly moves to your neck and is then toward the opening of your blouse. Slowly you begin to unbutton your blouse one button at a time, so that my tongue can initiate a brief taste of that sumptuous area that separates your soft sumptuous breasts and while two of my fingers are introduced to your rich and wet pussy.

Your moan resonates in my ear, while you tell me to continue and to tame the wild beast in you. Your “Papi” is making your body rich and sensitive with my touch continuing to send sensations through your body making you proud that you have, after all of this time, found an honorable and sensitive man that is worthy of being your total man.

Your hand can feel the hardness of my penis and you decide to remove it from my trousers to be able to rub it with your hand and later to catch it totally with one of your hands. Doing this, you are surprised that I have no underclothes. Your hand begins to stroke me very richly and you decide to put your face between my two firm legs to initiate giving me your wet tongue to the swollen head of my penis. You softly whisper to me “Papi, may I suck you?” I comply passively in the seat of the cinema and hold and stroke your hair while you entertain yourself with my swollen manhood.

At this time the universe is formed only with the erect penis of your virile man, and your mouth sucking and licking me very deliciously, while you follow trifling with your tongue to the moment of having my beautiful and hot penis inside your pretty bouquet.

As I begin to get close to giving your wet and warm mouth my sperm, I raise your head so that you no longer have me in that succulent mouth and push my penis away to retain it for later. With this you raise up as if you are going to leave the room, but you stop and turn around presenting me with your back and buttocks. You lean forward supporting yourself on the seat in front of us with one hand and with the other you raise your long sexy black skirt up so as to show me your tremendously sensuous buttocks.

With that action, I put my head under your skirt and lose myself as I begin to initiate sucking and lightly biting this fabulous Ladies’ hot buttocks. My tongue initiates and travels slowly along the line that separates your buttock as you raise more so that my face can be drowned among this pair of rich naked cheeks.

My mouth starts sucking you with strength and pleasure. Within a short time I arrive at your rich anus. I replace my mouth with a finger, wet from the juices of your pussy, and I begin putting my finger in your rich and hot anus. You drown your moan upon the seat ahead of you while my mouth initiates a delicious sucking of your wet pussy.

When my mouth feels that, your pussy is very wet and ready, I get out from under your skirt and direct your tremendous buttocks toward my erection, hard and hot, and that has found you so very wet, to insert it into your humid and anxious vagina. I am about to begin penetration, you turn your head and whisper, “Fuck me Papi!”

Your abandonment is to fall with smoothness upon my penis and you can feel as I invade your precious vagina and enter like butter since you are also very excited and you then initiate moving your posterior upon my hard erection and my thighs can feel the nakedness of this wonderful Ladies’ firm and contracting buttocks.

Oh my Love, how rich it is as you sit upon me, knowing that you are so well pleased to be well inserted by my penis. I am charmed as you move so rich being helped by the endorsement of the seat to carry out your movements with greater strength and intensity, mmmmmm. I feel you so hot that my hands cannot be contained and they move under your blouse to be able to caress your pair of tremendous and rich tetas. As your movements are growing with intensity, I touch your nipples and they are very hard and erect.

With the movement of your anus upon my erection you cannot escape from so much emotion and while my hands caress and press your breasts, my penis is about to explode and to leave all of my hot sperm inside your wet and hot pussy. The continues and repeated use of your strong vagina muscles, lovingly squeezing my penis brings me even closer to leaving my hot sperm in your enchanting pussy but you shudder and explode in an orgasm that sends you directly to the heavens. You fall forward in exhaustion containing your vocal expressions in the seat forward of us.

As your respiration begins to return to normal, I slowly withdraw my penis, dripping wet from this fantastic Ladies’ contended and happy vagina, and with my hand direct it toward your wanting anus. Realizing what is about to happen, you turn with an intense look in your eyes and say to me, “Give me your penis Papi. Break into my ass!” Pushing gently at first, and then pushing commandingly as a smile comes on your face, you start to push back toward me. The thoughts going through your head are of being extremely happy that this man is so good to you and that he desires to have all of you.

As we come together with the insertion of my manhood, you grasp for air and then squeeze your anito tight around me and say in a muffled voice, “Oh, Papi!” You rise up slightly using the seat in front of us to support and help you, and start the same sensual motions that you used earlier. As your motions increase and the intensity grows, I take one on my hands and start to tease and massage your swollen, erect, and very sensitive clitoris at the same time with my other hand pinching and pulling on your pezones driving you absolutely crazy with passion and desire. In what seems like a very short time, we both explode with an intensity not known to either one of us prior to this as you fall back on top of me. I hold you with all of the love and passions that is possible and know that this woman, who I am so fascinated with and captured by, could be the perfect Lady is perfect for me!

I softly whisper in your ear, “My new love, would you like to go on a romantic trip to the mountains with me so that we can spend time together?”

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