MVGirl1 You're Nothing But A Theif!!  

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11/24/2005 8:22 pm

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MVGirl1 You're Nothing But A Theif!!

I cannot tell you how angry I am right now!!! I'm writing this post because I can't believe the nerve of some people.
*takes deep breath*
Alright... I'll try to calm myself to tell you why I'm so angry.
I'm surfing the web looking for something erotic to read. Yes, even I love a GREAT erotic story. So I go to one of my favorite sites to read some Hot stuff and as I'm surfing through the stories what do I find... My stories. MY STORIES!!!! MY STORIES!!!
Posted by someone else claiming them as her own... MohawkValleyGirl, who is no one other than MVGirl1 here on this site. You are a THEIF for stealing my stories, nothing more than a pure scum! No you're beneath that... slim that needs to get a f*cking life other than stealing someone else's hard work.
People send me stories all the time, I read them. I love them, but I don't use them, nor any part of them. If I do, I ask. Let me tell you about those stories that you stole from me... you didn't just steal them from me but also the men that help me write them, or I wrote them for. I wrote those stories with permission and help from others. NOT YOU, YOU THIEFING LOW LIFE!!!
What you did was wrong and is a very serious offense. Never did you have permission to use any of my stories or even part of them. I feel like you me... robbed me of something very precious to me and to the men who help me with them... and to those who enjoy my writing and my passion, my sincerity, my love for the written word, my desire to write more. You are nothing but a coward!!!
I know that site you have my stories on, I want them removed. You will not steal my stuff again. I will keep writing and I will post my stories, only parts of them... and for those only in my network... they'll get the full length erotic stuff... my friends who do not steal!!!!
I can't believe you would do that!!!
And if you have the nerve to email me about this and correct the situation, then I will be more than happy to remove this post. I will tell my readers that the wrong has been corrected, but only after you have removed my stories, never to use them again as your own on any site and apologized to me.

And so everyone knows, she stole His Kiss, the very first story I ever wrote. I love that story. It is my favorite. I believe one of the better works I've done. I can't believe someone stole it from me... at least claim that I wrote it!

And just to add... nofun4one made me take out almost all the bad words. He didn't want me to say what I really feel about MVGirl. So count yourself lucky that your not being called the "C" word. Although, NowIsTheTime89 would have said it and enjoyed saying it too.

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